Wanted qualities in a representative

May 11, 2014 

It is not my intent to tell elected officials how to do their job. What I do expect is a legitimately elected representative who is honest, responsible, fair, trustworthy, has good moral values, is patriotic and, above all, believes in and supports our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I want a person who will listen to the voters, will allow discussions and be open to legitimate negotiations; a person who will be sensitive to the needs of all levels of society; a person willing to accept a reasonable salary without lifetime benefits.

I want a person who will be fiscally responsible; someone who can prepare, manage and stay within a budget; a person who will do his best to provide those services and facilities that the taxpayer is being taxed for, such as maintenance of streets, roads, public facilities and emergency services, without requiring a tax increase for every action.

These may be difficult requests, but I am not forcing anyone to be an elected official. It is a difficult job with very little glory. No matter what an official's politics may be, he will not be admired by all.

Lew Hiatt


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