The rodents are running Illinois

May 12, 2014 

Just where do all of the lying, cheating, stealing, profiteering, back-room and under-the-table dealings in Illinois take place -- in Springfield or Chicago? Illinois has more rancid rodents in government than there are in the Chicago city dump.

These rodents keep getting back in office because some of the public vote stupidly, or they don't care if they are lied to and cheated. But it's more likely that they vote Democrat no matter what their morals and character are.

Illinois is millions of dollars in debt with unpaid bills in general and millions owed to workers' pensions and a downsized credit rating. The state charges high taxes and fees on everything and always want to raise them.

The rodents have no idea how to take care of our problems and they want $100 million to spend on getting a library for President Obama. We don't need that library and a lot of citizens think Illinois already has enough trash. That is tax money and the citizens should vote on it. This is an outright insult to the people of Illinois, but what's new?

Presidential libraries are built with donated money, not tax money, and if some people want it, let them pay for it. The library or the man isn't worth taking tax money for it. This narcissist has done enough damage to the country and Illinois has enough problems and trash as it is.

Terry Hunt


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