Who's in charge in Collinsville?

May 13, 2014 

Again and again, Collinsville Mayor John Miller exceeds his power of simply only being the liquor commissioner and chairing the City Council meeting. He does not have veto power, which substantiates our weak mayor form of government.

State law requires our municipality to post an organizational chart. It shows the City Council needs three votes to control the city manager. In turn the manager controls all of the operations including installation of a flower sculpture.

The new sculpture at the corner of Clay Street and Illinois 159 was on the agenda. The clerk announced the arguments to authorize the mayor to execute an agreement to purchase the artwork with U-Studios. Miller asked for a motion for approval but the four council members remained silent. He then asked for a motion for the artwork. After more silence he said, "I'll ask one more time. Is there a motion to approve item L 1 for the purchase of the public artwork between the city of Collinsville and U-Studios"?

After more silence he announced the motion failed and then he said there was no motion.

Reportedly City Manager Scott Williams emailed the council that the artwork they were pondering was installed. It seems the city manager had failed in controlling the operations while the mayor was usurping his powers.

Bob DesPain


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