Free to do your job

May 13, 2014 

If the April 28 Sound-off article, "City's decline begins," is any indicator of things to come, then Fairview Heights residents are encouraged to stop and determine the difference between opinion and "constitutional rights."

The writer appears to suggest that if you have the wrong job that supports your family, then you are unfit for public service based on someone's opinion. Conversely, however, the current City Council is comprised of very diverse skill sets elected by the voters and serve to represent the needs of all Fairview Heights voters, even the writer of such a slanted article.

I again thank all voters for placing us in the position to represent their interests. I have found no provision in the U.S. Constitution that disqualifies anyone from elected public service based on his choice of job.

Your job is what you do for a living, your vote for city candidates is your choice and these things are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, regardless of anyone's opinion.

Scott Greenwald

Alderman Ward 3

Fairview Heights

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