Understand the politics behind lawsuit in Randolph County

May 13, 2014 

As a registered voter of Randolph County, I hope every voter, Democrat or Republican, is not naive or blind to the true meaning behind the frivolous lawsuit that was filed against Sheriff Mike Hoelscher. It is apparent the lawsuit is politically motivated, and its purpose is to discredit Hoelscher.

A few facts left out in the original story: Both men have jobs, one with the city of Sparta as a full-time police officer. The other one is a full-time jailer for the Randolph County Sheriff's office -- yes, he is working for the man he is accusing a political harassment. As part-time deputies they are not guaranteed hours, benefits or advancement, as with most part-time positions.

Why is this only political harassment on the part of the sheriff? Looks to me like it started when these two men showed up at the parade, maybe to push a few buttons, or shove it in the face of the man who hired them. If they really wanted to support Hoelscher's opponent, why didn't they show a little respect and give up their part-time positions?

A sheriff should not have to put up with employees who purposefully want to discredit him or the office they are supposed to be representing. Our taxes pay the wages for these employees.

If the sheriff felt they were not capable of being neutral and doing the job he hired them for, then I'm behind him 100 percent in his decision.

Kenneth R. Kohrs


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