Trust that you see the truth of America's situation

May 16, 2014 

America is teetering on the brink. If our differences are not resolved peacefully in the next decade, they may never be resolved peacefully at all.

Undereducated and overpropagandized voters are making decisions that will affect the well-being of this nation for generations to come. There must come a day of reckoning for citizens who neglect the responsibility of learning about their political heritage and duties.

Big government cannot be an enemy of the people unless it abuses its regulatory powers by promoting class discrimination. Such is the case today.

Billion-dollar corporations that are not paying proportionate taxes for their 80,000-pound trucks on our roadways are part of the problem. Wealthy people who put their profits offshore to avoid taxes while demanding a strong military to protect their business interests are part of the problem.

Employers who make regular massive expenditures to remodel their stores and restaurants while paying employee wages of only 87 percent of the poverty level are part of the problem. And state governments that support and actively commit acts of voting suppression are part of the problem.

When will Americans learn that their ears can deceive, their eyes can ignore and that their hearts should rule? When will Americans learn that the freedoms that made America strong, ungoverned, are making her weak?

Americans must learn that truth is not what one hears on MSNBC or FOX. Truth is what one sees on the streets: excessive wealth and greed, excessive poverty and excessive ignorance of facts.

Richard Yesley

New Athens

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