Obamacare makes health care coverage possible

May 17, 2014 

Oh boy. I read two letters to the editor from two different people concerning the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Both writers evidently got their misinformation from an Internet website. We all are smart enough to realize not everything on the Internet or on some cable news show is the truth, right?

Prior to Obamacare, I was denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. I don't recall going to the emergency room and not receiving a bill. In fact, my bill was addressed to me for several thousand dollars to be paid by me. Yep, the truth is millions of people like me who were once denied coverage tried our hardest to avoid emergency rooms, doctors and medical testing because we knew the huge medical bills would be a burden on our families.

As for the Republican Party introducing a plan to cover the uninsured? It never happened. No plan.

Oh wait. Mitt Romney did create health insurance coverage for Massachusetts residents when he was governor and he called it a success. In fact, Governor Romney's plan is what Obamacare is modeled on.

I finally have health insurance through Obamacare. It is not free and is based on my income and thus I don't have tax breaks to help with the payments. But the good thing is I do have much-needed coverage. Me and millions of others.

Perhaps I need to thank the last Republican presidential candidate for that. Thanks, Mitt Romney.

Linda Cristel


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