Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

May 18, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 1509 Mascoutah Ave.; from Dorothy G. Aaron by Barbara A. Przybysz her attorney; to Jason S. Gramm; $64,000.

* 1 Rusty Wil Drive; from Justin M. Isbell; to Green Meadows Lane Trust; $16,500.

* 222 S. 16th St.; from Bouse Properties LLC; to Arthur Fahrner and Sharon Fahrner; $94,000.

* 504 S. 21st St.; from Debora Hilmes; to Marah A. Haire; $35,000.

* 300 S. 10th St.; from Matthew J. Rieger and Margaret K. Rieger; to Jennifer L. Blakely; $75,000.

* 1808 Tenth Fairway Drive; from Ray D. Conley and Jennifer L. Conley; to Mark Luttschwager and Kathy Luttschwager; $337,000.

* 605 N. 5th St.; from Rudolph Bouse and Judith Bouse; to St. Clair County, IL; $105,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 601 N. 5th St.; from Rudolph Bouse and Judith Bouse; to St. Clair County, IL; $105,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2729 Fairway Drive; from John L. Brocke; to Bryan D. Bernat and Melanie L. Bernat; $234,000.

* 1931 Dublin Blvd.; from Seth A. Winkelman; to Ryan C. Kadlec and Lauren E. Martens; $132,000.

* 816 Amesbury; from Maxwell K. Wipperman; to Carol J. Meyer; $130,000.

* 2304 Ellington Drive; from Andrew R. Hawkins; to Donovan E. Hill; $140,000.

* 49 Acorn Lake Drive; from Glen Sandeinrich; to Thomas Mixen and Cleoni F. Mixen; $148,500.

* 3113 West Boulevard; from Edward B. Rensing and Warren L. Opfer; to Mark Lewis and Letrice Lewis; $76,000.

* 104 Villa Drive; from Don Hale and Nancy Hale; to Rolando Clavell and Penny R. Clavell; $47,000.

* 7 Commodore Drive; from Randall Nelson; to David W. Moore and Barbara A. Moore; $79,000.

* 102 Lamoine Lane; from Christine j. Moody; to Bryan A. Moody and Christie Moody; $251,000.

* 8522 W. Main St.; from Tracy Bricker; to Lakenya R. Henderson; $76,000.

* 648 N. 38th St.; from Gary G. Guest; to KPJ Enterprises LLC; $39,000.

* 310 E. Park Drive; from Robert J. Glenn and Linda C. Glenn; to Markisha D. Vereen; $116,000.


* 18 Fox Meadow Lane; from Raymond L. Ortega Jr.; to Saul Gonzalez and Mary E. Gonzales; $34,500.


* 1037 Hollywood Heights Road; from Jeffrey J. Babiak; to stephanie K. Posey; $25,000.


* 2172 Stonecrest Drive; from Altair Global Rolocation; to Danny Davis and Debra Davis; $172,500.

* 308 Miranda Drive; from Nicholas Barnett and Lacey Barnett; to John Juengel and Kelly Juengel; $125,000.


* 1665 Imbs Station Road; from Ryan M. Byerley and Pornparn Byerley; to Danny O. Schult; $70,000.


* 3310 Maple Ave., from Lorraine S. Tomaszewski, Trustee; to Isreal Velasco and Mayra M. Velasco; $28,500.


* 105 S. Ruby Lane; from Simon F. Herley; to Richard Klucker and Hedwig M. Klucker; $15,000.


* 3741 State Route 15, Craig W. Niebruegge and Christine A. Niebruegge; to Robert D. Monroe and Kathryn E. Monroe; $75,000.

* 205 N. Main St.; from James Sommer; to Archie Coonrod and Madelynn Robbs; $120,000.


* 9917 Cessna Court; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Kevin J. Fosburgh and Leanna C. Fosburgh; $209,000.

* 472 Falling Leaf Way; from Terry A. Brown and Paula J. Brown; to Zachariah D. Brown and Amanda Brown; $159,000.

* 2105 Pulliam Ave.; from Mary S. Schlesinger; to Robert J. Glenn and Linda C. Glenn; $90,000.


6031 Prairie Drive; from Matthew S. Hillebrand and Jacqueline A. Hillebrand; to Life Community Church of Columbia; $240,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1050 Indian Creek Drive; from Jon G. Will, Sandra K. Will, Deceased; to Michael Peppler, Jenny McKee, Robert W. Peppler, Carol R. Peppler; $160,000.

* 303 Spruce Drive; from Andrea L. Sy; to Brandon M. Gebke; $91,000.

* 1202 S. Walnut St.; from Carlton J. Bjerkaas; to Barry Gene Payne; $173,000.

* 405 Wofpass Drive; from David C. Ham and Tonia A. Ham; to Craig A. Bogan and Amy L. Bogan; $304,500.

* 1018 Cottonwood Court; from John C. Goldschmidt and Katherine M. Goldschmidt; to Debra M. Riess; $205,000.

* 1202 Trailwoods Court; from Ralph L. Elsea; to Paul K. Mueth and Shirley M. Mueth; $180,000.

* 344 Sweetwater Lane; from Eric T. Pathmythes; to Tabatha Johnston and Abigail S. Walton; $153,000.

* 1103 N. Yale Drive; from Jean P. Schobert Living Recovable Trust; to Jessica L. Schubert; $100,000.

* 770 Michael St.; from Larry Beasley Shirley Beasley Family Trust; to Justin E. Kleber; $133,500.

* 1401 Schwarz Meadows Drive; from Vanan L. Reeves and Tashion C. Reeves; to Bradley A. Hartsock and Lena L. Hartsock; $186,000.


* 2265 Deer Springs Trail; from David L. Miller Jr. and Iris D. Miller; to Brandon Durden; $240,000.


* 1428 Polo Run Drive; from Mae B. Mueller and Steven W. Mueller; to Mark Shands, Karen Shands, Scott Shands; $109,000.

* 7 Midland Court; from Raymond E. Otero and Cynthia A. Otero; to John R. Yedinak and Rata L. Kabureck-Yedinak; $147,500.

* 3413 Amber Meadows Court; from Homes By Design Inc.; to Martin Musumbi and Christine Nyabera; $465,500.

* 3713 Scotsdale Drive; from Jonathan V. Abueg; to Aaron Priddy and Carol A. Priddy; $185,000.

madison county


* 12431 Reding Road; from Jason W. Mital and Melissa A. Mital; to Robert C. Newell Jr.; $134,000.


* 1617 Rock Springs Drive; from Harry J. Mielke and Susan M. Mielke; to Steven B. Schewe; $93,500.

* 8429 Paradise Key; from Ralph G. Paslay and Marsha K. Paslay; to Charles E. Hodges; $183,500.

* 650 Douglas Place; from Jacob J. Toutloian Jr.; to Mary Brinkoetter; $98,000.

* 2615 Humbert St.; from Queen E. Hardiman; to Mark D. Goins; $85,500.


* 5927 Galli Lane; from Fannie Mae; to David W. Lindley and Shawna Lindley; $73,000.

* 3136 Keebler Road; from Wendell Chessor and Pamela Chessor; to Michael G. Deconcini and Amy N. Deconcini; $175,000.


425 E. St. Louis Ave.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Lucas Plummer; $32,000.


* 642 Roosevelt Drive; from Lorene Brunworth and Milburn Brunworth; to Alan Rubenstein, Robin Rubenstein, Robin Black; $120,000.

* 3759 Cabernet Lane; from KJ Development; to Premier Homes by Jones LLC; $80,000.


* 5822 Deer Trail; from Bruce C. Olmsted and Barbara A. Olmsted; to Billy Holder and Elizabeth Holder; $100,000.

* 3100-3104 Godfrey Road; from Ron Wightman and Mary Wightman; to Doyle D. Beck and Joy E. Beck; $210,000.


* 2805 Dogwood Drive; from HomeInvestors LLC; to John H. Gaines; $75,000.

* 2408 State St.; from Jill S. Phillips, Jill M. Jones, Michael E. Jones; to Tamra Smith; $47,000.

* 3220 Davis Ave.; from Lutheran Senior Services; to Robert K. Waskom and Amanda S. Waskom; $72,000.

* 1622 Poplar St.; from Helen Testerman; to Vicki D. Copeland; $56,000.

* 3408 Johnson Road; from Wanda L.Todoroff and Robert D. Todoroff; to James L. Petroski Jr. and Amanda Petroski; $146,000.

* 3319 Wilshire Drive; from Brian D. Koberna and Carla F. Koberna; to Anthony Ortolan and Kayla Squires; $101,000.


* 50 Duke Drive; from Citimortgage Inc.; to Jeremy A. Stone and Sarah L. Stone; $128,000.

* 873 Crimson Oak Drive; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Blake Aubuschon; $220,000.


* 417 Avalon Drive; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Travis Miller and Katherine Moore; $138,394 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 103 Macarthur Drive; from Bradley R. Sullivan and Rosemary Sullivan; to Trent S. West and Krystal A. West; $196,000.

* 75 Sugar Mill Road; from Bradford M. Piers and Jennifer L. Pierce; to Jason Countryman and Tracy Montgomery; $214,000.

* 972 Lakewood Court; from Fannie Mae; to Glenn Dodge Sr.; $190,000.

* 1314 Bridlespur Lane; from Fannie Mae; to David Radford; $151,000.

* 1322 Bridlespur Lane; from Joseph E. Murphy and Linda K. Murphy; to Maria N. Janardham; $141,500.

* 70 Stonebrooke; from DAvid E. Bratten; to Brian D. Koberna and Carla F. Koberna; $179,000.

* 317 S. Hickory St.; from George Vogt; to Allison R. Pollard; $115,000.

* 606 Meadowlark St.; from Kevin S. Cates and Elizabeth Cates; to James D. Grant and Heather M. Grant; $168,500.


* 59 E. Pennings Ave.; from Donald L. Edwards and Julie Edwards; to Anthony Underwood; $88,000.

* 450 Dulaney Ave.; from Kelly R. Rohnenstiehl; to Leslie J. Grussing; $88,000.



* 638 Dana Drive; from Smithton Construction Co., Patrick H. McKee; to Amanda Jo Truttmann; $229,000.

* 818 S. Rapp Ave.; from Russell A. Walster and Russell R. Walster; to Jonathan S. Klevorn and Megan Klevorn; $165,000.


* 230 W. Woodland Ridge; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Ashley M. Sondag and Matthew G. Stuckmeyer; $136,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

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