District 118 school board approves raises for top administrators

News-DemocratMay 20, 2014 

Belleville School District 118 Superintendent Matt Klosterman.


Belleville School District 118 school board approved raises for the district's top two administrators at its meeting Tuesday night.

Starting July 1, Superintendent Matt Klosterman will earn an annual salary of $147,923, and Assistant Superintendent Ryan Boike will make $121,623 annually. Both are increases of 2.5 percent over the administrators' current salaries.

School Board President Joe Robertson said the raises for Klosterman and Boike were equivalent to the raises certified teachers will receive next school year.

"We try to be as fair as we can be," he said following the board meeting. "We look at the whole group as one entity...we try to treat everyone the same."

Robertson praised the work of Klosterman and Boike. "They are constantly looking at how we treat the children and how to meet the needs of children," Robertson said.

Klosterman has served as superintendent a total of nine years, and Boike has been assistant superintendent for seven years.

In other news Tuesday, school board members approved the following:

* $166,096 for roof repair work over the gymnasium at West Junior High to be performed by Geissler Roofing

* $81,540 for roof repair work over the industrial arts room at West Junior High to be performed by Lakeside Roofing

* Reappointment of Kortney Moll as an early childhood teacher at Jefferson Elementary School. Moll was honorably dismissed earlier this year as part of the district's annual reductions in force.

* Appointment of two certified teachers: Caitlyn Barrow at West Junior High and Alyssa Mueller at Douglas Elementary School

* Appointment of administrative assistant Jen Robinson, who will work for the district's finance department.

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