Home-grown tyranny

May 23, 2014 

You don't have to go to some foreign country to find it. Tyranny lives right here in St. Clair County.

Webster's Dictionary defines tyranny as "the unjust use of governmental power" or "a harsh ruler having absolute power." I'm talking about the St.Clair County Democrats and the so-called Good Government Party of Belleville. All one has to do is look up the political contributions to find out how much money the Democrats gave to the Good Government Party. What a sham.

Recently the BND printed a list of campaign finances. It showed the Democrats flush with cash while the Republicans had almost no money. Why do you think this is the case? Are the county voters so happy with the drug-using justices or the alleged abusive former county clerk? It might be giving bonuses to felons who had to endure the harsh conditions at the County Jail. Could it be State's Attorney Brendan Kelly's $ 600,000 giveaway to the county employees who were abused? Perhaps they are so pleased about the daily flight from St. Louis Mid-America Airport.

Politics today takes money. If people are fed up with St. Clair County politics, they are going to have to reach in their wallets and support independents and Republicans

A word to my fellow Republicans who send money to the national committee: What have they done for us? Keep our money at home. We can make a change now but we need help.

Let freedom ring. Let us all fight the tyranny at the ballot box this November.

William H. Bremen Sr.


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