Don't like the Catholic Church? Change

May 23, 2014 

Episcopalian Church/Roman Catholic Church. There is an option for Roman Catholics who want to change. Let's see if the Episcopalian Church has what people need.

* Male ministers: EC, yes (scriptural); RCC, yes (s).

* Female ministers: EC, yes (not scriptural); RCC, no.

* Same-sex marriage: EC, yes (ns); RCC, no

* Divorce: EC, yes (ns); RCC, no.

* Reception of communion after divorce: EC, yes (ns); RCC, no.

* Artificial birth control: EC, yes (ns); RCC, no.

* Believe that God is present in their communions: EC, yes; RCC, yes.

* EC established: Samuel Seabury 17th century.

* RCC established: Jesus Christ the son of God, first century.

If people desire to change the Roman Catholic Church to embrace what the Episcopalians believe, there is no need; it already exists in the Episcopal Church and their error-filled interpretation of the Holy Bible.

There are other violations of the holy Word of God in the Episcopal Church as well as in many other non-Catholic churches. If people decide, for example, to accept the Episcopal church as the one true church and turn their back on the one true holy Catholic and apostolic church founded by Jesus Christ, they should be prepared to accept the consequence.

Lee Harris


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