Illinois gets its photo op with cupcake girl

May 24, 2014 

In 2008, the Illinois Department of Public Health clarified that it was illegal to sell home-produced goods at farmers' markets because home baking was not compliant with state standards for food safety and handling. Technical Bulletin 30 was issued in 2010 prohibiting all but raw agricultural products at farmers' markets. The cottage kitchen license was passed in 2012, allowing non- potentially hazardous foods such as certain baked goods to be sold at farmers' markets provided the baker acquired a food sanitation license and registered the operation with the local health department.

HB5354 now proposes a home kitchen operation, which will allow direct sale of non-potentially hazardous foods provided certain labeling and revenue caps are met.

Sellers at farmers' markets have been under the regulatory thumb of IDPH for years. These people have had their livelihood damaged by these regulations, which are now being revised back to what they were, not by constituents begging their elected officials to fix this but by a little cupcake girl who bats her eyes and gives those same elected officials a photo op. This entire thing is a disgusting display of government in action: Give me a cupcake and a photo op during an election year and I will think about it.

Marc Bacchetti


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