Metro-east school employees announce retirements

May 26, 2014 


Editor's note: Each year the News-Democrat salutes employees in public and private schools who are retiring. The list was provided from various sources but may not be a complete list. The number of years listed is the number of years served in that district or position, not necessarily their full career.


Belle Valley District 119

Maggie Colliflower, teacher, 23 years

Belleville District 118

Karen Baygents, Abraham Lincoln Elementary, food service, 13 years

Lynn Clapp, assistant superintendent for curriculum, 34 years

Ruth Dixon, Douglas Elementary, paraprofessional, 32 years

Karen Gilbert, District office, administrative assistant, 15 years

Bonnie Kaffer, Washington Elementary, paraprofessional, 17 years

Pam Knobeloch, West Jr. High, principal, 19 years

Bessie Lewis, Westhaven Elementary, occupational therapist, 10 years

Herman Lopez, West Jr. High, teacher, 13 years

Linda Michael, Abraham Lincoln Elementary, teacher, 30 years

Lynette Schmidt, Douglas Elementary, teacher, 21 years

Belleville District 201

Ruth Bobzin, Belleville West, teacher assistant, 20 years

Denise Douglas, Belleville East, guidance counselor, 29 years

Jan Patrick-Hayden, Belleville West, assistant principal, 15 years

Paul Konya, Belleville East, teacher, 27 years

Sandy Long, Belleville West, teacher assistant, 10 years

Rita Menke, Belleville East, teacher, 32 years

Mike Moore, Belleville West, teacher, 17 years

Rhonda Thessing, Belleville East, teacher, 19 years

Brooklyn District 188

Ruth Daniels, bookkeeper, 42 years

Dorothy Jackson, teacher, 40 years

Virginia Gates, teacher, 22 years

Raelynn Parks, superintendent, 11 years

Cahokia District 187

Laura Baugh, Oliver Parks Sixth Grade Center, teacher, 12 years

David Buckingham, Eighth Grade Academy, custodian, 25 years

Henry Evans, Cahokia High School, security, 16 years

Deborah Godard, Maplewood School, teacher, 20 years

JoElla Harris, Cahokia School of Choice, teacher, 25 years

Lyndell Haverman, Maplewood School, teacher, 21 years

Dennis Jones, maintenance, 29 years

Rick Jones, Cahokia High School, data manager, 13 years

Mary Mathes, Cahokia School of Choice, secretary, 14 years

Deborah Mernick, Cahokia School of Choice, teacher, 25 years

Cecilia Miller, Huffman School, 18 years

Jane Peiffer, Cahokia High School, teacher, 20 years

Leona Radake, Huffman School, cook, 33 years

Ellen Richard, Cahokia High School, teacher, 23 years

Sandy Stefanski, transportation, bus driver, 22 years

Robert Tindall, Lalumier School, custodian, 16 years

Cathedral Grade School in Belleville

Mary Pat Kuebel, teacher, 34 years

Dupo District 196

Robyn Moore, Dupo Jr-Sr. High, secretary, 24 years

Bridget Simmons, Bluffview Elementary, custodian, 24 years

East St. Louis District 189

Willie Adams, East St. Louis Sr. High, teacher, 9 years

Trenier Bazile, Avant Elementary, clerk, 39 years

Joyce Billops, special education, clerk, 15 years

John Brown, East St. Louis Sr. High, custodian foreman, 38 years

Anthony Carson, East St. Louis Sr. High, custodian, 10 years

Susie Chieke, Bush Elementary, speech pathologist, 34 years

Margeritta Cotton, Lincoln Middle School, teacher, 18 years

Matthew Culley, Jr., maintenance technician, 37 years

Lillian El-Amin, custodian supervisor, 17 years

Margaret Evans, East St. Louis Sr. High, teacher, 8 years

Linda Felton, Dunbar Elementary, teacher, 19 years

Irene Ferguson, Miles Davis Kindergarten Center, aide, 26 years

Myrtle Gray, Vivian Adams Early Childhood Center, aide, 35 years

Debra Greenwood, East St. Louis Sr. High, teacher, 22 years

Deborah Griffin, finance clerk, 33 years

Ola Mae Harris, Dunbar Elementary, teacher, 37 years

Willie Harris, East St. Louis Sr. High, teacher, 16 years

Diane Head, Dunbar Elementary, teacher, 8 years

Mary Houston, finance, clerk, 39 years

Johnny Hoskins, Dunbar Elementary, custodian, 17 years

Byron Howell, Mason Clark Middle School, custodian, 13 years

Aretha Jackson, security guard, 5 years

Mary Kelley, Dunbar Elementary, teacher, 13 years

Marie Kelting, Mason Clark Middle School, teacher, 15 years

Patricia Leake, Miles Davis/Bush Elementary, clerk, 40 years

Saunya Marquadt, Vivian Adams Early Childhood Center, custodian, 12 years

Patricia Marshall, student services, health aide, 8 years

Francelle McGlown, Wright Elementary, teacher, 7 years

Brenda Nave, East St. Louis Sr. High, aide, 35 years

Dorland Norris, deputy superintendent, 2 years

Michelle Patterson, Mason Clark Middle School, secretary, 33 years

Mary Sampson, finance executive assistant, 28 years

Juanita Shannon, bus monitor, 29 years

Beth Shepperd, assistant superintendent, 2 years

Barbara Smith, Bush Elementary, teacher, 28 years

Mary Smith Floyd, Mason Clark Middle School, counselor, 34 years

Anthony Tarvin, custodian supervisor, 14 years

Jimmie Thompson, student services, health technician, 23 years

Valerie Thompson, Mason Clark Middle School, aide, 34 years

Freddie Washington, Lincoln Middle School, custodian, 9 years

Olivia Washington, East St. Louis Sr. High, teacher, 12 years

Bobbie Webb, Officer Elementary, teacher, 14 years

Lonnie Wills, custodian, 33 years

Grant District 110

Susie Tindall, Grant Middle and Illini Elementary schools, media clerk, 31 years

Harmony-Emge District 175

Mike Gaines, Emge Jr. High, teacher, 16 years

Elaine Hayden, business manager, 28 years

Leonard King, bus driver, 13 years

Debi Martin, Emge Jr. High, teacher, 26 years

Debbie Ricks, district secretary, 23 years

High Mount District 116

Pamela Elser, teacher, 21 years

Lynn Kraus, teacher, 22 years

Sue Jubinski, teacher, 16 years

Delores Wilson, teacher, 24 years

Sally Wondolowski, aide, 28 years

Holy Trinity Catholic School, Fairview Heights

Peggy O'Neill, administrative assistant

Lebanon District 9

Barb Baer, Lebanon High School, head cook, 17 years

Janice Grice, Lebanon Grade School, teacher, 25 years

Sherry Katzman, Lebanon Grade School, speech pathologist, 30 years

Rich Schobert, Lebanon Grade School, custodian, 23 years

Mascoutah District 19

Phillip Hoehner, bus driver, 23 years

Michael Inyart, Mascoutah Elementary, social worker, 18 years

Donna Kimmle, Mascoutah High School, cafeteria, 27 years

Linda Noland, Scott Elementary, teacher, 23 years

Gail Owen, bus driver, 24 years

Suzanna Phelps, Scott Elementary, teacher, 26 years

Marsha Ray, Mascoutah High School, guidance counselor, 20 years

Patricia Slack, Mascoutah High School, aide, 23 years

Josephine Smith, Mascoutah High School, teacher, 20 years

Jan Stuart, Mascoutah High School, teacher, 12 years

Barbara Suess, Scott Elementary, librarian, 16 years

Connie Walter, executive secretary, 29 years

Cynthia Wilson, Scott Elementary, nurse, 30 years

Millstadt District 160

Delores Carroll, cafeteria, 17 years

Judy Jones, cafeteria, 13 years

New Athens District 60

Kathy Eckart, New Athens Elementary, teacher, 20 years

Dennis Works, New Athens High School, principal, 12 years

Dawn Harweth, district office, transportation, 11 years

O'Fallon District 90

Linda Baumgarte, Delores Moye Elementary, teacher, 20 years

Kay Calhoun, Fulton Jr. High, teacher, 18 years

Janice Cappelletti, Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary, teacher, 30 years

Cindy Gossett, Delores Moye Elementary, teacher, 21 years

Agnes Johnson, J.E. Hinchcliffe Elementary, aide, 9 years

Karen O'Reilly, Estelle Kampmeyer/Marie Schaefer Elementary, social worker, 27 years

Pat Paulus, Marie Schaefer Elementary, aide, 20 years

Jerone Smith, Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary, custodian, 13 years

Vernell Sollis, Carriel Jr. High, custodian, 38 years

Melanie Tomei, Marie Schaefer Elementary, teacher, 24 years

O'Fallon District 203

Carol Butchko, Milburn Campus, teacher, 19 years

Denise Currier, Smiley Campus, teacher, 20 years

Evangelina Finnegan, Smiley Campus, paraprofessional, 13 years

Laura Jacobi, Smiley Campus, guidance counselor, 20 years

Kevin Kellermann, Milburn Campus, teacher, 24 years

Diane Tapp, Smiley Campus, A/V clerk, 20 years

Pontiac District 105

Vicki Parker, Wm. Hollliday Elementary, teacher, 32 years

St. Agatha School in New Athens

Carol Daly, teacher, 3 years

St. Clair County Regional Office of Education

JoEllen Anderson, Alternative Education Center, lead teacher, 17 years

Cindy Barmann, GED Specialist, 28 years

Willie Byrd, Alternative Education Center, teacher's aide, 14 years

St. Clare School in O'Fallon

Lynn Gebhardt, teacher, 22 years

Diane Giedeman, teacher, 22 years

St. James Catholic School, Millstadt

Deacon Ron Karcher, principal

St. Teresa Catholic School in Belleville

Dennis Grimmer, principal, 10 years

Shiloh District 85

Jean Fahey, Shiloh Middle School, teacher, 21 years

Susan Stewart, Shiloh Elementary School, teacher, 20 years

Signal Hill District 181

Carol Turner, teacher, 28 years

Whiteside District 115

Phyllis Braymen, Whiteside Elementary School, teacher, 20 years

Wolf Branch District 113

Jane Belter, Wolf Branch Elementary School, teacher, 25 years

Denise Hoepker, district office bookkeeper, 21 years

Zion Lutheran in Belleville

Cathy Spieler, technology instructor, 17 years


Good Shepherd Lutheran in Collinsville

Shirley Bostian, Spanish teacher and part-time kindergarten aide, 26 years

Kathy Whitworth, administrative assistant, 30 years

Metro East Lutheran High School in Edwardsville

Vicki Gillespie, science department chair and biology teacher, 29 years

Collinsville Unit 10 District

Marilyn Huber, psychologist, 16 years

Nina Maddox, Summit Elementary, special education, 20 years

Kathryn Pitzer, Summit Elementary, second grade, 19 years

Carla Petrillo, Collinsville High School, business teacher, 16 years

LaVern Oatman, Dorris Intermediate, fifth grade, 20 years

Vicki Reulecke, assistant superintendent, 36 years

Dave Stroot, Caseyville/Jefferson elementary schools, principal, 13 years

Pamela Cline, Webster Elementary, second grade, 21 years

Vicki Cocker, Collinsville High School, secretary, 14 years

Diane Masloski, Collinsville High School, health aide, 29 years

Betty Pearman, Kreitner Elementary, educational assistant, 15 years

Jan Evans, Caseyville Elementary, relief aide, 16 years

Deborah Lexow, Collinsville Middle School, teacher, 20 years

Edwardsville District 7

Diane Arisman, Lincoln Middle School, social worker, 18.5 years

Sallie Clark, Liberty Middle School, teacher, 35 years

Karen Cline, Columbus Elementary, teacher, 26 years

Cynthia Fries, Lincoln Middle School, teacher, 20 years

Sandra Henderson, Leclaire Elementary, teacher, 19 years

Laura Schmidt, Leclaire Elementary, teacher, 22 years

Millie Seiler, Liberty Middle School, teacher, 28 years

Cindy Ostrander, Liberty Middle School, teacher, 19 years

Doug Peterson, Edwardsville High School, teacher, 9 years

Kim Niemietz, Edwardsville High School, teacher/grant writer, 23 years

Scot Ambuel, Leclaire Elementary, speech therapist, 34 years

Rebecca Kolda, director of special education, 13 years

June Johnston, administrative assistant, 27 years

Colette Cowan, Columbus Elementary, secretary, 27 years

Barbara Edmonds, Columbus Elementary, program assistant, 24 years

Sharon Janda, secretary, 9 years

Mary Linafelter, Woodland Elementary, school nurse, 24 years

Susan Ramey, Cassens Elementary, assistant, 23 years

Granite City District 9

Diane Frazier, Mitchell Elementary, teacher, 16 years

Debra Kibort, early childhood center, administrator, 11 years

Nancy LeVault, administrator, 27 years

Marc Mason, early childhood center, teacher, 21 years

Sandra Neal, Coolidge Junior High, teacher, 20 years

Janine Sherman, Frohardt Elementary, teacher, 28 years

Patricia Stevens, Mitchell Elementary, teacher, 19 years

Janet Vaughn, Coolidge Junior High, teacher, 20 years

David Trower, Granite City High School, teacher, 18 years

Roxann Tuetken, Coolidge Junior High, nurse, 23 years

Margaret Feltmeyer, Maryville Elementary, cafeteria worker, 13 years

Thelma Bigham, Mitchell Elementary, cafeteria worker, 9 years

Barbara Bilbrey, secretary, 35 years

Raymond Cloninger, Granite City High School, custodian, 16 years

Damian Caffrey, teamster, 6 years

Mary Daigle, Prather Elementary, occupational/physical therapist, 21 years

Joanne Conaway, Mitchell Elementary, teacher, 20 years

Cecelia Herman, Wilson Elementary, paraprofessional, 24 years

Pat Murphy, Granite City High School, cafeteria worker, 19 years

Michael Nemeth, Granite City High School, custodian, 18 years

Donald O'Brian, Grigsby Intermediate, custodian, 20 years

Nicki Stagman, Prather Elementary, paraprofessional, 24 years

Clarence Wallace, Granite City High School, custodian, 16 years

Jane Franko-York, Wilson Elementary, teacher, 25 years

Rebecca Davis, Maryville School, teacher, 20 years

Donna Sendejas, Maryville School, teacher, 20 years

Highland District 5

Susan Abbott, music teacher, 14 years

Mary Bergman, media specialist, 34 years

Jill Duft, assistant in accounting, 26 years

Betty Eilers, Highland Elementary, secretary, 22 years

Gail Braundmeier, Highland High School, secretary, 24 years

Audrey Koch, Highland Primary, second grade, 35 years

Karen Palmer, Alhambra Primary, prekindergarten, 20 years

Madison District 5

Eric Wilson, custodian, 30 years

Lou Ann Trebing, early childhood teacher, 18 years

Denise Rhodes, Long Elementary, family support center coordinator, 10 years

Lynda Becker, food service director, 10 years

Triad District 2

Katherine Cange, Silver Creek Elementary, teacher, 21 years

Rosina Rohrs, Triad High School, teacher, 19 years

Linda Walgamott, Triad Middle School, teacher, 15 years

Noranne Bellenbaum, Triad Middle School, aide, 12 years

Deborah Fisk, Henning Elementary, aide, 16 years

Sharon Zenik, Triad High School, secretary, 32 years

Lloyd Bliss, Triad High School, custodian, 35 years

Robert Gary Byrne, Triad Middle School, custodian, 15 years

William Jackson, Triad High School, custodian, 8 years

Cindy Mitchell, Henning Elementary, custodian, 27 years

Cathleen Buller, Triad Middle School, principal, 12 years

Mary Kolo, bus driver, 34 years

Venice District 3

Tecunshea Holmes Sr., Venice Elementary, fourth grade, 7 years


Columbia Community Unit District 4

Dan Young, vocational education teacher, 36 years

Immaculate Conception School, Columbia

Marilyn Lynn, teacher

Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic School, Waterloo

Michael Sladek

Ron Hurst

Waterloo Community Unit District 5

Barbara Borger, physical education teacher, 29 years

Sharon Glessner, pre-kindergarten teacher, 22 years

Pamela Gorka, speech language teacher: 34 years

James Helton, superintendent, 12 years, (9 as superintendent)

Courtney McRoberts, elementary teacher, 26 years

Teresa Nollau, elementary teacher: 34 years

Jane Schwebke, family and consumer science teacher, 7 years

Cheryl Smith, elementary teacher, 16 years


Central Community High District 71

Dirk Garrett, science instructor/technology coordinator, 33 years

Mater Dei Catholic High School

Margie Tebbe, physical education chairwoman, 44 years

Joel Wessel, physics and chemistry, 22 years

Jim Goetz, psychology and sociology, 16 years

Wesclin Community Unit District 3

Wes Wright, junior high teacher, 36 years

Natalie May, elementary teacher, 23 years

Information provided by Regional Office of Education in St. Clair and Madison counties, school districts and schools.

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