Why not to vote for GOP

May 27, 2014 

Amazing how conservative letter writers try to sway attention from their do-nothing Republican senators and congressmen by constantly blasting the illustrious President Barack Obama.

Their efforts to convince citizens to support Republican leaders who have done nothing to enrich the lives of the middle class in the past eight years mean they believe voters are either mentally deranged, or at best, masochistic and enjoy self- destruction.

Since these conservative Republicans couldn't meet my challenges by naming only three positive moves their leaders made to justify support in the November election, I will name 10 reasons why the Republican leaders don't deserve support.

Republican leaders:

* Condone women making less pay than men for the same work.

* Deny decent wages for all workers while enriching the wealthy.

* Refuse regulations on corporation whose pollution causes global warming.

* Sacrifice American youths to war for the gain of ballistic manufacturers.

* Refuse to pass immigration reform yet support illegal aliens slaving for the rich.

* Abhor every American having the right to health care.

* Delight in dictating policies on female health issues.

* Cater to corporations and big money men.

* Contrive to stifle citizens' voting rights.

* Are unsupportive of the middle class and poor.

There will be a time when conservative control may be needed, but at this time, the decent Republicans leaders are controlled by radical elements whose aim is to take Americans back to the Dark Ages.

If the American people vote to give Republican leaders control in 2014, I guarantee we'll be sorry, and I'll say, "I told you so."

Frankie Seaberry


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