Explosion puts an end to Madison County meth lab

News-DemocratMay 28, 2014 

A neighbor said the worst house in their quiet neighborhood showed signs of drug trafficking, with lots of brief visits by outsiders. Suspicions were confirmed Tuesday night when a meth lab blew up inside 2504 Pine St. in Granite City.


An explosion at a house in Granite City Tuesday night tipped off police that a methamphetamine lab was operating inside.

The blast happened at about 10 p.m. at 2504 Pine Street, a house that is divided into apartments. The blast is believed to have taken place as an occupant was allegedly cooking meth in a kitchen. The explosion blew out a second story window and left pieces of the building scattered on the street and sidewalk.

The suspected meth cook fled the building. Police do not know of any injuries. But the building had to be evacuated because of the hazardous chemicals used in the creation of methamphetamine.

On Wednesday the house was boarded up and a placard warned people away because of the hazardous substances.

A neighbor said the house was the worst one on a quiet, residential street. It drew lots of traffic from all around, with people in and out in five minutes

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