Of course the zoning board change was political

May 28, 2014 

Roger Wigginton said he's "shocked" that Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert didn't reappoint him to the Zoning Board of Appeals. But it should shock no one to learn that politics happens at City Hall -- in Belleville and everywhere.

And Wigginton not getting another term on the Zoning Board is most definitely political. This isn't about Eckert wanting to rotate appointments as he claims. Wigginton backed Phil Elmore, not Eckert, in the April 2013 mayoral election. Quite simply, Eckert wants allies, not critics, on city boards. And that's his call.

That may not seem fair or in the city's best interest because Wigginton has been a dedicated, conscientious board member who cares deeply about Belleville. But that's why it's called a political appointment -- Eckert gets to choose the people he wants to serve. And his Good Government Party has a long history of appointing people who will fall in line and agree with the party.

Wigginton did a good job but he didn't fit the mold, and that's why he's off the Zoning Board.

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