All talk, no action in Illinois

June 3, 2014 

All the bragging and news releases, all the broken promises of the supermajority Democrats in the state House and Senate, all proved to worthless.

Remember their big statements that the Democratic Party in Illinois had the answer to all of our problems? They said they would immediately do the hard work and fix them.

Well, no blaming the GOP. Republicans are less than one-third of each chamber and cannot stop anything.

The Democrats even blamed their own worthless Democratic governor. Well, they had easy veto power over him.

What did they accomplish in last two years? We got financially downgraded twice and are ready to get lowered again. Why? The pensions.

Next they refused to quit spending. They actually were going to fund $100 million for a library for President Obama.

They legalized homosexual marriage and legalized federally illegal drugs, drivers licenses for illegal aliens. refusal to turn illegal criminal aliens over for deportation, They just passed a budget for next year for $5 billion more than this year, even though we we billions in the red.

We have elected the most useless, incompetent people to run our state. We have more people leaving Illinois, a exodus. The only problem is the people leaving are businesses and the people with money and job skills.

Come November it is time for a real house cleaning in Illinois. Vote out all the Democrats on all levels. It is time to show our total displeasure with the liberal progressive Democrats running Illinois.

Bob Dagner


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