Moderate middle in control

June 6, 2014 

A contributor opined: "Over and over this question continues to come up: 'How did President Obama get elected and then re-elected?' If all conservative-minded people would have taken the time to vote, this disaster would not have happened."

I hope the writer will not not construe this as a criticism of his right to his opinion. However, this subject has been analyzed many times by both sides and his conclusion cannot be reconciled.

Roughly, 35 percent of registered voters proclaim themselves conservative; 25 percent designate themselves liberal; 40 percent moderate or independent.

Neither conservatives nor liberals wield the numbers necessary to elect anyone without the support of the moderate middle. Premise considered, moderate voters carried the election contrary to the assertions of shameless zealots.

The moderate middle decides elections; perhaps people did not so much vote for one candidate as against the other as the lesser of the evils. Both sides were given ample opportunity to make their case, and the people made their choice.

Michael R. Sweeney


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