Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

June 8, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 221 Williamsburg; from Christopher J. Dulaney and Stephanie Dulaney; to James Freiburger and Leonora Freiburger; $84,000.

* 111 Bluff Drive; from David Miller and Annie Sauget-Miller; to Michael O'Sadnick and Tara O'Sadnick; $250,000.

* 600 N. 44th St.; from Brooklynn R. Lezon and Matthew S. Lezon; to Nicole R. Clemens; $78,500.


* 1991 Maple Tree Drive, from J & A Agape Properties LLC; to Wey Q. Johnson; $60,000.


* 105 Hawk Run Court; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois; to Michael J. Kuchenreuther and Emily Kuchenreuther; $342,500.


* 2 Kassing Drive; from Glenville Dee Cobb; to Amit Patel; $15,000.


* 522 Main St.; from Robert J. Schweiger; to Kyle J. Mensin and Kandi J. Mensin; $82,000.


* 421 Traver Tine Circle; from Michael Koeing and Deborah Bauer; to Michael Todd and Christine Todd; $315,000.


* 1420 Bristlecone; from David A. Akerman and Laura Ackerman; to David Hart and Dawn King-Hart; $175,000.

* 917 Sturbridge Trail; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Harry A. Fuentes and Megan M. Fuentes; $281,000.

* 466 Bandmour Place; from Barnes Properties INc.; to Bette R. Lehman; $233,000.

* 901 Jordan; from Jake A. Dulle and Molly H. Dulle; to Michael J. Triplett and April Triplett; $195,000.


* 3512 Bannon Ridge Court; from J. Edward White and Teresa L. White; to Elizabeth Deiters and Aaron Young; $259,000.

* 3759 Boatmans Point; from Kathy A. Lonsdale; to Lacey S. Levin, Ralph Siade, Leonelda M. Siade; $160,000.

* 157 Maple St.; from Pamela A. Hamm; to Kevin Marks; $86,500.


* 603 S. Hickory St.; from John Covalesky; to Narelle J. Watson; $128,000.


* 3903 Appaloosa Drive; from Jasmin Hill; to Monica Gillespie; $211,000.

* 3404 Piney Court; from Homes By Design Inc.; to Ryan B. Gause and Tammy T. Gause; $478,000.



* 2318 State St.; from Fannie Mae; to DAvid W. Engleton and Suzanne E. Engleton; $43,000.

* 3418 Leo Ave.; from Ross A. Chronister and Hana B. Chronister; to Jeremy P. Brandon; $61,000.

* 3209 Edgewood; from Superior Bank; to Tycon Builders LLC; $16,500.

* 502 Beacon St.; from William T. Wallace and Gail M. Wallace; to Amy Meyer; $69,500.


* 4556 E. Golike Lane; from Michael L. Roark and Susan K. Roark; to David L. Nunnally and Donna M. Nunnally; $268,500.

* 220 W. Main St.; from Lucas R. Lenhardt and Kimberly A. Lenhardt; to Andy Huff and Katie Huff; $77,000.

* 610 Homm St.; from Darrin Singleton; to Josh Pool and Crystal Pool; $138,000.


* 7348 Magnolia Drive; from Edward F. Sylvia and Susan W. Sylvia; to Matthew Parker and Jami Parker; $270,000.

* 205 Windridge; from Helen L. Busarow; to John R. Scarborough and Donna L. Scarborough; $102,000.

* 205 Windridge; from Eric Short and Sara Short; to Michael L. Hargis; $138,500.

* 130 Pine Hollow Lane; from Robert J. Roennigke and Jane J. Roennigke; to Richard Seelen II and Trisha Seelen; $165,000.


* 8 Fairway Drive; from Cheng Chang Tsai and Lii Mei B. Tsai; to Michael Burstadt and Gerusa Burstadt; $372,500.

* 854 Newport Bay Drive; from Dean C. Keune and Jean V. Keune; to Eric Short and Sara L. Short; $275,000.

* 8 Goldenrod Lane; from Bryan E. Speight and Candra C. Speight; to Bruce W. Hunt and Jessica S. Hunt; $328,000.

* 524 Pepperhill Court; from Van Hoveln Properties; to Kurt Alt and Lori Johannseen; $163,000.

* 629 E. Vandalia; from Morgan P. Schram and Andria K. Schram; to Keith Short; $159,000.

* 1515 Gerber Road; from LJC Partners LLC; to Gurpreet S. Bhamra; $158,000.


* 1041 Cote Brillante; from Donald S. Meadors and Crystal Meadors; to Christopher D. Anderson; $100,000.

* 2607 Larussa Court; from Timothy Ellsworth and Lisa Ellsworth; to Marla Antonovich; $20,000.

* 2120 Clark Ave.; from Joanne Fields; to Nathan D. Schneider and Jennifer L. Tedesco; $110,000.

* 2327 Hodges Ave.; from Rebecca L. Broyles aka Rebecca L. Sarginson; to Amanda Broyles; $74,000.

* 541 Chouteau Ave.; from First Collinsville Bank; to Nicole R. Maxwell; $86,000.


* 86 Stonebrook Drive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Mark S. Kaburcek Jr.; $130,000.

* 2013 St. Michael Court; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Roger Nelson and Kaitlin Stack; $48,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1003 Luzerne St.; from Clint M. Kapp and Natasha M. Kapp; to David Morgan and Teresa Morgan; $89,000.


* 3563 Boomerange Drive; from James R. Rugg, Virginia L. Rugg, Catherine F. Rugg; to Matthew Hankins and Jullian A. Pish; $250,000.


* 108 Ridge Crosisng Lane; from Penn Builders LLC; to Sean M. Wolters and Kendra A. Wolters; $326,000.

* 1483 Martin Drive; from Scot Wanamaker and Amy Wanamaker; to Clayton H. Hoff and Danielle R. Hoff; $208,000.


* 723 Crestview Drive; from William F. Laird and Judith Laird; to Tina Crews; $257,000.

* 132 12th St.; from Mark S. Adams, Diane D. Adams, Amos Brown; to James A. Velloff and Christine R. Velloff; $80,000.

* 420 Geroge St.; from Killi McClure; to Courtney Howard; $75,000.



* 2833 Overview Drive; from Amy M. Henerfauth and Robert J. Henerfauth; to Julia Morris and Timothy Morris; $217,000.

* 4 Shawnee Court; from James W. Juengling, Trust and Joy K. Juengling, Trust; to Brian A. Obregon and Suzanne M. Obregon; $326,000.

* 1201 Palmer Creek Drive; from Palmer Development Inc.; to Lori A. Cookson and Steven M. Cookson; $63,000.

* 5 Newburg Court; from Karen K. Juengling and Paul D. Juengling; to Amy Henerfauth and Robert Henerfauth; $205,000.


* 7917 Roscow Road; from Lisa C. Rehmer; to Amy N. Rahn and Bradley P. Rahn; $140,000.


* 419 Adams Drive; from Betty P. Englert Trust, Victoria Englert Trust, Wayne Englert Trust; to Kevin J. Youngs; $116,500.

* 4375 JJ Road; from Catherine Hubbard, Deceased, Jessica E. Hubbard; to Charles W. Dickerson II; $145,000.

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