Is SWIC's solar cost-effective?

June 8, 2014 

Hopefully, individuals far more knowledgeable than I will respond to the article by Will Buss regarding the installation of solar panels at Southwestern Illinois College, as I have to question whether this is truly cost-effective.

When you factor in the total cost of the project from all sources, repair costs and the condition of the panels 14-plus years from now, would it not be better to take these funds and pay off some of the long-term outstanding debts owed by Illinois? Maybe then we would not have to lay off teachers or police officers, as the politicians so like to threaten, as they struggle to find ways to extend taxes or to spend more money.

Maybe we could find lots of money like this if we really tried. You know, like not funding a presidential library or nonsense four-lane highways like the one leading from Interstate 64 to Centralia and the one planned from Nashville to the Carbondale area. They could consolidate school districts, get welfare cheats off of the books, and cut DCEO, which always has money to hand out primarily for the politicians. Gads, this could be fun just finding all of the money being wasted and/or spent for the benefit of politicians and not the public.

How do we effectively change the system? What can we do?

Dick Barrett


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