St. Louis Cardinals continue to confuse

Posted by Scott Wuerz on June 8, 2014 

So, let me get this straight, the St. Louis Cardinals can't handle the Kansas City Royals. But they go on the road to play one of the toughest teams in baseball, the Toronto Blue Jays, and take two of three on the road.

That sounds about right.

The offense is still as spotty as can be. But it's tough to lose when your starters throw a couple of gems like Shelby Miller and Jaime Garcia twirled in Canada. Miller threw his second complete game shutout of the season. Then Garcia tossed seven innings of three-hit ball Sunday in the series clincher.

It's a tremendous benefit when your fourth and fifth starter can steal a couple of games. But now the Birds need to roll over the rotation and keep the momentum going.

To do so, the Cardinals need to produce more consistently at the plate. In their five-run game Sunday, four of the runs came in one inning and two of them by home runs that barely crawled over the wall. After that, St. Louis couldn't put together any sort of offense to extend its lead.

This team needs to find a way to scrounge up runs and start some momentum. It can pitch well enough to make the most out of a few runs. It's the offense forcing the pitching to be perfect that is causing the hurlers to break down.

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