A bad trade for Americans

June 8, 2014 

President Obama's trade of the five most dangerous terrorists we had in captivity for a soldier who allegedly deserted his post is the most disgusting thing Obama has done. He explains his action by equating it with the no soldier left behind philosophy. That concept applies to soldiers captured by the enemy on the field of battle, not one who deserts. Obama compounded this charade by posing with the parents as if Bergdahl was a hero.

Can you imaging George Washington trading five high-ranking British generals for Benedict Arnold and then posing on a podium with his arms around Arnold's family while Arnold's dad holds up a picture of King George III? Obama justifies his failure to notify Congress of his actions by saying he was concerned with Bergdahl's health. Strange, he has more interest in the health of an alleged deserter than he has in the well- being of American veterans.

No president has tramped more on the Constitution, broken more laws, lied more or showed more contempt for Americans than Obama. If he were a Republican or white, he would have been gone long ago.

Leon Anderson


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