Updated facts on climate change

June 9, 2014 

BND letter writer John Schrand's attempted explanation of climate change was a perfect description of the geophysical weather on Earth 200 years ago. But things have changed so much.

We must now factor in the human-caused huge amounts of CO 2 caused by humans beginning with the Industrial Revolution right down to today. Most energy used by the world population, including all forms of industrial production and the heavy amounts caused by large-scale edible, domestic meat production, contributes to CO 2 emissions.

Concurrent with that, we humans have ---- in a disorganized and uncontrolled way -- devoted ourselves to denuding the world's rainforests, from South America, to Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Asian continent. Those trees absorb CO 2 and release oxygen. But they are declining as the CO 2 is increasing.

Like Schrand's comment that we already have all the water there is, true also is the fact we are using all the fossil fuels there are. But they are not being recycled or renewed and when they are gone; "That's all, folks!"

We have to change now even if weather cycles are inevitable. We are the first generation that can and we must.

Joseph M. Reichert


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