Parade is not politics; it's business

June 9, 2014 

To follow up on a recent letter about a dispute over setting up chairs along the Shriner's Parade route: It might be a good idea for business operators to know their audience.

Belleville is a parade town. Always has been. Always will be. Do businesses want to build good will and future customers?

The management at Wine Tap missed the mark. They could have easily joined in the community spirit by offering free water to the folks outside and perhaps a few good will appetizers. Talk about missing the perfect advertising opportunity. The owner could have been posting in his business and wherever else he advertises: "Come enjoy a great Belleville tradition with us," and "Please have a glass of wine."

The political aspect aside, if they had done research, they would know that getting along in your community and with your community is tantamount to being successful. Every person who walks by is a potential customer. Who doesn't know that if you are running a business and trying to make money? People eat and drink and they certainly have no problem doing it in Belleville.

What a poor way to run a business. What a great way to alienate yourself from your paying public! I'm just saying!

Ellen Truttmann


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