Salvage owner: Man charged in Breese hit-and-run wanted truck crushed

News-DemocratJune 13, 2014 

A man charged in connection with the fatal hit-and-run of a woman in Breese brought a truck to a Murphysboro scrap yard on Tuesday and wanted it crushed, according to the owner of the salvage business.

Andrew Foster, owner of Foster Salvage in Murphysboro, said the suspect, Jonathon Nast, told him the 1997 Dodge Ram's engine was leaking oil, and its transmission was slipping, so he decided to junk it.

"He wasn't real pushy about it, but he wanted it crushed. He wanted to see it get crushed," Foster said.

Clinton County authorities on Friday charged Nast in connection with the hit-and-run death of Lana Albert, 23, of Edwardsville. She was hit by a vehicle shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday on the outskirts of Breese. Police had received a report of a woman walking in and out of traffic, then found Albert's body along the roadway.

Foster said Nast asked if he could use the salvage yard's trackhoe to crush the truck himself. Foster told Nast that he couldn't use the equipment, but assured him the vehicle would eventually get smashed.

Breese Police went to the salvage yard on Wednesday and took the truck.

Foster said the vehicle had significant body damage.

"On the passenger side of the hood, you could tell where a head or something hit on the hood. It was crinkled in," Foster said. "The bumper was pushed far back into the corner of the truck."

He added: "You would have to know that you hit something -- a deer, a person or an object. You definitely would have known that you slammed into something."

The scrap yard paid Nast $500 for the vehicle.

Foster, a former Breese resident, is acquainted with Nast. Foster said Nast hauled the vehicle to the yard on a trailer, pulled by a newer truck.

Foster said Nast bragged that he had just purchased the newer truck, a Chevy.

"See my new truck?" Foster recalled Nast saying.

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