Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

June 15, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 45 Stratford Green Drive; from Billy Groaning and Amanda Groaning; to Christopher McNabb; $166,000.

* 122 Kansas Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Randy L. Pannier; $60,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 310 Lake Cristine Drive; from James Vivian and Tina Vivian; to Chad T. Quinn and Jennifer Quinn; $260,000.

* 109 Egret Court; from Curtis R. Smith and Danielle D. Smith; to John Brown and Taylor Brown; $152,500.

* 31 Eastwood Drive; from Nancy Hale and Don Hale; to Letha McIntosh; $112,000.

* 15 Emerald Terrace; from Blue Empire Drive Holdings; to Yun-Sup Kim; $202,500.

* 163 Paulette Drive; from Kate M. McNelly; to Theresa Hunter-Rives and Isabella Moore; $41,500.

* 1 Manas Drive; from Jennifer R. Caruana; to Jeanette M. Clarke; $71,000.


* 129 Amelia Drive; from Emmitte J. Prince and Gwendolyn L. Prince; to Estell Jennings; $5,000.

* 518 St. Leo Drive; from David L. Bohn and Vickie S. Bohn; to Paul B. Kaestner; $26,000.

* 436 Jerome Lane; from U.S. Mortgage Investos I; to Kenneth J. Payer; $14,000.

* 312 St. Ellen St.; from Michael D. Barbeau; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $17,500.

* 3604 Falling Springs Road; from Robert E. Nicholson; to Dewitt L. Weary III and Tammy T. Weary; $12,000.


* 187 Forest Oaks Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Mark Potthast and Laura Potthast; $317,500.


220 Richard Ave.; from Lura Ann Gibbs; to Carol A. Musskopf; $9,500.


* 1618 N. 23rd St.; from Herbert D. Patterson to Cherrita Williams; $4,000.

* 537 N. 18th St.; from Alexander Brown and Sundra S. Brown; to Jermerio D. Williams and Yolondes M. Williams; $18,000.


* 9113 Summit Drive; from Jon E. Sacket Jr. and EMily Sacket; to Christopher Taylor; $78,000.


* 906 Wolf Road; from June A. Williams; to patrick Smoker and Donna Smoker; $97,500.

* 400 E. Temple St.; from Katherine H. Parrish; to Henry J. Himstedt to Joann C. Himstedt; $165,000.


* 221 St. Clair Ave.; from Charles Lee, Frank Lee, Amy Lee; to William R. Sheridan; $31,500.


* 570 Admiral Wendel Parkway; from Garrett E. & Herschel E. Johnson Real Estate & Development LLC; to Matthew M. Germann; $210,000.


* 921 Briar Meadow Court; from Jamie L. Kleine; to Jeffrey Bassichis; $223,500.

* 618 Quail Run & Woodleaf Drive; from Jon I. Jackinsky and Kimberly J. Jackinsky; to Stephen J. Griffin; $266,000.

* 610 Rain Hollow Drive; from Ralph Warner and Kristina Warner; to Ronadl Able Jr.; $149,000.

* 305 E. Adams St.; from Joann Berry; to Carmen M. Haffer; $20,000.

* 8517 Armsleigh Place; from Kurt I. Peterson and Deiadra J. Peterson; to Nickolis H. Breyer and Katy E. Breyer; $314,000.

* 319 Amhurst Drive; from James W. Weier Sr.; to Amanda L. Stokes; $129,000.

* 745 Forest Green Drive; from Tighe E. Schlottog and Megan Schlottog; to James W. Bollmeier; $100,000.


* 611 Glen Mor; from James M. O'Dell and Nikki L. O'Dell to Cassandra K. Pinter; $160,000.


* 4055 Chinkapin Oak; from Brian Levin and Lacey Levin; to Michael R. Reynolds; $286,000.


* 1508 Karin Drive; from Jon D. Widel; to John Dimarco; $105,000.

* 3306 Rand Lane; from Shu Ying D/Amico; to Ronald Schaefer and Margaret Schaefer; $156,000.



* 1224 Clawson St.; from Jay Plogger and Hayley Plogger; to Nathan A. Stover; $93,500.

* 4806 Storeylane; from Susan E. Beaver; to Lloyd R. Bilbruck and Kimberly S. Bilbruck; $101,000.

* 4628 Magnolia Place; from David W. Morgan and Laura M. Morgan; to Robert P. Gale and Michelle D. Gale; $220,000.

* 921 Danforth St.; from Erin McDermott; to Christopher J. Brennan; $94,000.


* 111 Elliot St.; from Mary F. Gorenz; to Christine O. Crisostomo and Elgene M. Crisostomo; $149,500.

* 85 Timberwood Lane; from Michael E. Hartmann and Sharon E. Hartmann; to Sarah Weiss, Douglas G. Weiss, Judith L. Weiss; $222,000.


* 512 Buchanan St.; from Jared Loyd and Melissa Loyd; to Christopher C. Strangeman and Lisa J. Strangeman; $134,000.

* 522 Jefferson Road; from Maggie K. Wesley; to Nathan Marcheski; $169,500.

* 119 N. Meadow Ridge Trail; from Stephen R. Baim and Barbara C. Baim; to Dennis E. Reilly; $250,000.


* 127 Oakshire Drive; from Glen Carbon Land Development; to Triple Crown Partners LLC; $53,000.


* 15 Frontenac Place; from Catherine M. Schrimpf; to Dale A. Wiser and Cathy L. Wiser; $117,500.

* 316 Hand Drive; from Ruth L. Roth and Christine A. Bachman; to Kathryn R. Shewmake; $82,000.

* 1016 Lexington Estates Drive; from Billie L. Killam; to Donald D. Butler and Elaine F. Butler; $155,000.


* 6705 W. Main St.; from Shirley M. Soto and Raymond J. Soto; to Andrea L. Miller; $88,000.

* 2105 Tuscany Ridge Court; from Michelle L. Corey; to Timothy Chamberlain and Molly Chamberlain; $335,500.


* 4831 Shady Lane; from Roland D. Cobine; to Terry L. Johnson; $55,000.



* 638 Metter Ave.; from Troy W. Eppinger Living Trust; to Derek J. Phillips and Kelley A. Phillips; $134,000.

* 605 Brichwood Court; from Kimberly A. Hollinshead and Stephen F. Hollinshed; to Shawn Brummer and Douglas Scheidt; $265,000.

* 2519 G Road; from Randy J. Jesterberg; to Jamie L. McHugh and Jerry L. McHugh; $40,000.


*125 W. Hunters Ridge; from Ronnie D. Stinson; to Beverly A. Phillips and Thomas B. Phillips; $135,000.


* 640 Timberline Drive; from Ellen M. Middendorf and Michael A. Middendorf Jr.; to Brian D. Charron and Christian M. Charron; $366,000.

* 1319 Rachael Lane; from David W. Wickersham and Marian M. Wickersham; to Laura Frierdich; $173,500.

* 5506 LL Road; from James J. Wilson and Nancy B. Wilson; to Jerry Kernzer; $65,000.

* 421 Park St.; from Russell Services Inc.; to Andrew J. Olsson; $79,500.

* 101 Kurken Drive; from Mary L. Esker and William Esker; to Donald W. Beaver; $157,102.

* 1103 Cottonwood Lane; from Terry L. Niermann and Phillip S. Saale; to Lacie N. Steibel; $167,000.

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