A different time for fathers

June 15, 2014 

A mother is the twine that binds together the strands of thread that becomes the bond that holds the family together. A father is the wood of the oak tree, the roots of foundation that gives support and strength that binds the family together.

Together they can endure; without one another, no family can endure. And without children, life will be no more.

Father's Day and Mother's Day have endured many years. As time time goes by the lives of moms and dads have changed; they both have leaped over the fence only to find the grass is really not greener on the other side.

About 72 years ago during the great war, Rosy the Riveter put on a pair of pants and showed the world she could do the work of a man, making wings on planes and things. The longer she worked, no matter how far up the ladder she rose, the grass really wasn't greener.

It wasn't long, when big John put the apron on and put his hands in the dish pan. Early to rise, coffee to make, lunches to pack, get Mom to work, kids to school, and now to rest? Not just yet, there are chores to do, kitchen to clean, floors to sweep, beds to make, wash to do, meals to plan and bills to pay. Then you can hardly wait to do it all over again and again.

Who really knows whether the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?

Happy Father's Day.

James E. Saffel Sr.


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