Vets watch benefits slip away

June 16, 2014 

Regarding Jim Schild's letter about retired colonel Jim Harper: As a retired NCO, I wouldn't say that Harper would be struggling with the retirement that he receives and I didn't see anywhere in any article that gave that impression.

I would ask Schild to call me and let me know where to get free medical care. I pay monthly premiums and I'm required to pay copays each time my wife or I see our doctor.

I had to wait a month to get a referral to see a specialist when I hurt my back and my wife waited more than a week to be able to get surgery when she broke her leg.

I'm sure Harper spent many days during his career (just as I have) working 12 to sometimes more than 24 hours straight with no extra pay. We have also spent years away from our families keeping this country safe so Schild has the opportunity to write in and express his opinion to this newspaper.

Each year more and more of the promises made to veterans are taken away. When I see state and county workers retiring with 20 years and receiving four times what I receive for my service, that's when I question what's right.

I'm proud to have served my country and I'm proud that I have kept Schild free so he can complain about my dwindling benefits.

Ricky Moe

Granite City

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