Another broken promise by Obama

June 17, 2014 

Once again President Obama dropped the ball, this time on the Veterans Affairs health care system. Even Democrats must remember him spouting off during his first presidential run about how he was going to fix health care for veterans. Like most of his other promises, that fell through. If anything it's gotten much worse under his inept leadership as commander in chief.

There are veterans dying waiting to be seem by VA doctors while Obama is paying bonuses to the people running this failed government health care system.

An illegal alien with no means of payment can suffer a health care problem and walk into any hospital in America and be treated while our veterans are dying just waiting to be seen. People who can't see how wrong this is are part of the problem and they probably voted for Obama not once but twice. Wake up. folks, and try real hard to understand that our country cannot stand much more of this commie-lib leadership.

Larry McClintick


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