Iraq was destined for chaos

June 21, 2014 

Predictably Iraq has descended into chaos, and not because President Obama was off golfing in California. Sadly, this endeavor of the Bush administration was doomed from the start.

The Bush administration bungled this one from the get-go. They didn't use enough troops initially and sent them in poorly equipped. Remember the fundraisers to send body armor to soldiers?

Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator.However, his iron fist was a better alternative than the chaos there today. Sunnis and Shias hadn't shared power since the year 950 and the leaders W handpicked to take over were the wrong choice.

The oil companies of the "coalition of the willing" divided up the oil contracts and defense contractors made out like bandits while 4,000 soldiers died, tens of thousands of them were maimed, nearly 500,000 Iraqis died and $2 trillion borrowed dollars were wasted.

Now those who lied to us and led us into the biggest U.S. foreign policy mistake in our history are back and are criticizing President Obama and are offering advice. They were wrong then and are wrong now. Former Vice President Dick Cheney giving advice on Iraq is like Hitler giving advice on how to win World War II.

People say it's time to quit blaming Bush. Well, when you make a mistake that is so colossal that has an effect on so many who will be suffering the consequences for a long time to come, no it's not.

Kris Rhines


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