A flawed comparison

June 21, 2014 

Again we have skewed views from a right-wing contributor comparing Obamacare to the Department of Veterans Affairs. That's apples to oranges if you will.

The citizens of this country did indeed want a single-payer system like Medicare -- not like the Department of Veteran Affairs, where hospitals are owned by the government. The writer bad raps the VA (rightfully) and compares it to a single-payer system for Obamacare. The people simply wanted a socialized system like Medicare.

The writer does not even mention Medicare (the single-payer system we wanted and that is working just fine). I have been using Medicare for more than 10 years as the writer probably has also. Medicare works great. This is exactly what the citizens wanted. We wanted the insurance companies out of the picture. But the Republicans put the nix to that and now we have a system that needs to be fixed. And it will be fixed.

Just another example of skewed views and hidden facts by a Republican writer.

Michael Ray Dillier


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