What's out there: Solar lights, candle buckets and big flowers

June 22, 2014 

Solar lights: Light the path to your Fourth of July party with these solar lights from Deals in Fairview Heights. Each is a dollar.

Candle buckets: It's beginning to be a buggy summer, so citronella candles are popular for outdoor parties, or even just sitting on the deck after dinner. These big buckets are from Lowe's in Fairview Heights (look in the section where the outdoor furniture is located). They are on sale for $3.74, in brown, dark green, navy and turquoise. For some reason, the other colors are $4.98.

Big flowers: If bigger is better, then your next vase is going to have to be huge. These oversized stems from Hobby Lobby are also shown in the store as big background flowers, with other greenery surrounding them in a corner or against a wall. Each is on sale, with $39.99 and $49.99 prices now cut in half, or $20 and $25. Around the corner are smaller 42-inch diameter gerber daisy single stems ($15.99) in bold colors, also half price or $8 each.

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