REAL ESTATE: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

June 22, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties:



* 8 Rusty Wil Drive; from Dean A. Crowl and Melissa A. Zitta; to Robinson Realty LLC; $11,000.

* 506 N. 17th St.; from Estate of James Thomas by Sheila James co-executor and attorney in fact for Sharon Jones and Greg Thomas; to Julie Jones; $25,000.

* 27 Glencoe Drive; from Jimmie Thompson, Carolyn Thompson, Michael Thompson; to Jeffrey Bridges and Hannah Bridges; $66,000.

* 417 Todd Lane; from The Secretary of Veterans' Affairs; to Timothy Martie and Tammy Martie; $37, 000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

*3052 Harvest Meadow Drive; from McBride & Son Residential; to Ellen Estes; $186,000.

* 1724 McClintock St.; from Barbara A. Kimble, Mark Kimble, Terry L. Kimble, Paul R. Kimble; to Jon W. Vermeiren and Patricia A. Verneiren; $55,000.

* 7713 Westchester Drive; from Evelyn Young and Joe Young; to Margaret Schier and Marshall Garrett; $97,000.

* 200 Edgewood Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Richard Sutter; $20,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 416 S. 20th St.; from William T. Flint and Penny S. Flint; to Connor P. Yogore; $70,000.


* 1114 St. Helena Ave.; from Jeff Pallme and Erin Pallme; to Terra Deus LLC; $21,000.

* 3327 Barber St.; from Kenneth C. Ratz and Susan M. Ratz; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $8,500.


* 153 Courtland Place; from Paul R. Haines Jr.; to Marilyn Schwertman; $82,500.


* 2013 N. 6th St.; from Timothy L. Spaulding; to Bradford D. Hornbostel and Julie k. Hornbostel; $26,000.


* 2005 Second St.; from Andrew T. Noelke; to Larry R. Hoock and Judith A. Hoock; $7,500.


* 3915 Cookson Road; from Ramona C. Kicielinski and Judith A. Kicielinski; to Richard D. Ramirez and Sandra R. Ramirez; $69,000.


* 212 Vale Drive; from Helen A. Clayton, surviving joint tenant of Sillon R. Clayton, Deceased; to Susan E. Hanes; $93,500.

* 857 Saybrook Falls Drive; from Christopher H. Kurt and Christina L. Kurt; to Lawrence L. Shorter and Rebeca L. Shorter; $235,000.

* 7417 Timberwold Trail; from Paul M. Coonan and Sharon A. Coonan; to Theodore D. Cipicchio; $244,000.

* 804 Augustana Way; from Everett Lawrence and Judith Lawrence; to Robert H. Bergkoetter and Doris L. Bergkoetter; $182,000.


* 702 Mary Jane St.; from Douglas Wood and Mikol Wood; to Adam Donahue and Nichole Donahue; $120,000.

* 11272 Oak Forest Lane; from William D. Creasy; to Michael G. Kloepping and Pamela Kloepping; $75,500.


* 1204 Gulfstream Way; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Crystal N. Palacios and Jayson L. Palacios; $223,000.


* 736 Admiral Wendt Parkway; from Herschel E. Johnson; to R. Dean Renn and Delores I. Renn; $305,000.

* 17 Algonquin Drive; from R. Dean Renn and Deolores I. Renn; to Jason A. Foster and Jennifer A. Foster; $296,000.

* 95 Regency Place; from Jill R. Totten; to The C&E Wisneski Trust of 2006; $130,500.


* 1017 Woods Way; from Leon A. Stamm and Karen B. Stamm; to Lee A. Wynne and Cynthia A. Wynne; $169,500.

* 1014 N. Smiley St.; from Mark E. Beehner, surviving joint tenant of Adrienne M. Beehner, deceased; to Byron Auston and Almaze Austin; $179,000.

* 302 Westminister; from Dorothy E. Burke; to Raymond J. Burke and Patricia M. Burke; $60,000.

* 510 E. Adams St.; from Regions Bank; to John Kimball and Toni Kimball; $75,000.

* 104 Spyglass Court; from Terrence P. McKeown and Elizabeth McKeown; to Kai Chen and Andrea Chen; $360,000.

* 401 Bandmour Place; from Associated Holdings LLC; to Connie L. Stein; $200,000.


* 39 Indian Ridge; from Joseph A. Schmeisser and Jennifer M. Schmeisser; to Daniel M. Korstad and Erin M. Korstad; $243,000.


* 4821 Rockledge Trail; from Smithton Construction Inc.; to Joshua D. Hecht and Courtney R. Hecht; $204,000.


* 320 Harvest Lane; from Mark K. Green and Marilyn A. Green; to David A. Sydow and Cynthia L. Sydow; $85,000.

* 1704 Ashton Court; from Demetri Harper and Taneisha Harper; to Kimberly Abbott and Kimberly Demage; $166,000.

* 3932 Michael John Drive; from Michael S. Cuthberton and Briana T. Cuthberton; to Susan Rhea Wilson; $170,000.



* 603 Leonard St.; from Jake Anderson and Sarah Anderson; to Lori R. Devening; $39,500.

* 925 Logan St.; from Michael A. Shoar; to Troy Snyder; $79,000.

* 925 Logan St.; from Otto F. Pinillos and Jennifer A. Pinillos; to David L. Wigger and Charity N. Schultz; $170,000.

* 4166 Fosterburg Road; from Matthew C. Olmsted and Kelly T. Olmsted; to Howard L. Lenharft and Janet K. Lenhardt; $235,000.


* 514 Arizona St.; from Gateway Home Builders LLC; to Codey N. Terry; $132,500.

* 529 Arizona St.; from Gateway Home Builders LLC; to Tracy Loewer and Peggy Loewer; $152,500.


* 500 High School; from Lonnie Sobczak II and Bernadette K. Sobczak; to Mark Conaster; $120,000.

* 732 Bond Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to Jed A. Robbins; $36,500.

* 406 Willowbrook Lane; from Gregory S. Althardt and Jennifer M. Althardt; to Michael P. McElvain and Megan N. McElvain; $127,000.

* 890 Lester Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Lyndy Kochadorian; $60,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 6 Aspen Circle; from Fannie Mae; to Kristen Deterding; $99,500.

* 10 Brookwood Drive; from Timothy D. Chamberlain and Molly Chamberlain; to Tracy Davis; $190,000.

* 23 Bliss Terrace; from Erick L. Larson and Theresa L. Larson; to Lorenzo Cordova and Katirna Cordova; $175,000.


* 200 E. Airline Drive; from Joseph Jackson; to Larry Huffman; $116,000.


* 621 Home Ave.; from John P. Gaughan and Debra C. Gaughan; to Steven J. Morby and Patricia S. Morby; $170,000.

* 320 N. Buchanan St.; from Mark K. Adams, Diana D. Adams, James Velloff, Christine R. Velloff, Admas Velloff Properties; to Richard A. Newcom and Holly A. Newcom; $188,000.

* 8411 Fruit Road; from Mark D. Schaake and Patrice A. Schaake; to Brandon M. Niemeier, Michael A. Niemeier, Beth R. Niemeier; $200,000.

*107 Frairs Lane; from Nucompass Mobility Services Inc.; to Jennifer A. Shaw, Jennifer A. Shaw Trust; $519,000.


* 126 Hampton Drive; from David R. Allen and Nancy C. Allen; to Charles R. Allen; $100,500.

* 39 Olivia Lane; from Bonnie L. Fernandez and Manuel Fernandez; to Neena M. Pontious; $142,000.


* 802 Lafayette Ave.; from Michael J. Baeber and Gladys G. Baeber; to Krista R. Beatty and Helen Frazer; $90,000.

* 3017 Godfrey Road; from LTC Properties Ltd.; to RDC Real Estate Holdings LLC; $275,000.


* 202 Arlington Drive; from Karen Mayo; to Steven Skoklo; $154,000.

* 3128 Carlson Ave.; from Randy G. Christy and Kelly Christy; to Nathaniel B. Vinson; $97,500.

* 2645 Grand Ave.; from Homeinvestors LLC; to Jonathon T. Dismukes and Catherine A. Dismukes; $76,000.

* 3321 Harvard Place; from Miguel Lopez and Alice Lopez; to Stephen C. Harper and Tammy L. Harper; $120,000.


* 1415 Paradise Drive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Theodore Green and Yvonne Green; $67,500.


* 33 Belair Court; from Lisa M. Ferguson and Christopher A. Dudzik; to William Kroencke and Danielle Kroencke; $142,500.

* 209 W. Division St.; from Hunzinker Homes Inc.; to Kelsey L. Hubert; $167,000.


* 202 Rohm Place; from Mark S. Adams, Diana D. Adams, James A. Velloff, Christine R. Velloff, Adams Velloff Properties; to Mary M. Anderson; $65,000.

* 515 Doerr St.; from Matthew S. Meyers; to Matthew C. Pruitt and Sara C. Pruitt; $84,500.


* 2424 Timber Creek; from Joyce A. Duff and Raymond Duff; to Caleb J. Kline and Kristina L. Kline; $253,000.


* 228 Shadowbrooke; from Gary L. Presswood and Christina D. Presswood; to Shirley A. Miles; $234,000.


* 1922 Captains Drive; from Kevin McClain and Amy McClain; to Jared Lloyd and Melissa Lloyd; $172,000.



* 43 Wernings; from Larry G. Hoff, Trust, Wernings Land Trust II; to Kevin L. Brocaille and Nicole R. Brocaille; $49,000.

* 5 Briarhill Lane; from Gail Brown and Matthew Brown; to Jason W. Mayer and Lindsey W. Mayer; $287,500.


* 6 Road; from Michael N. Krebel and Shannon M. Melliere; to Bradley F. Notter; $199,500.


* 633 Morrison Ave.; from Christina M. Latchem and Devin C. Latchem; to Jessica R. Hurst; $128,000.

* 1103 Cottonwood Lane; from Terry L. Niermann; to Phillip S. Saale and Lacie N. Steibel; $167,000.

* 810 Sheridan Lane; from Southern Illinois Development; to C A Jones Inc.; $32,500.

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