GOP meets the challenge

June 24, 2014 

Here is the answer to BND letter writer Frankie Seaberry's challenge. She claims that Republicans are a do-nothing part of Congress. Well, here is proof. that's not correct. If she still wants to believe that Republicans do nothing after this, then she is just not interested in anything Republicans have to say.

She can go to either Senate Bill 84, 112 Congress or 113 Congress, or she could go to to also find her answers.

Since President Obama has been in office, Republicans have voted on or passed 200 or so bills. If they did not get into law, it's because Harry Reid stalled them in the Senate. He either has them on his desk waiting to be voted on or just threw them in the trash. She might also look up, which writes about Reid's obstruction of bills.

Here are just some of the pieces of legislation I found: HR 847, 6547, 3082, 2751, 2142, 5116, 4510, 2142, 6523, 4853 (which is a jobs bill); S. 987, 3447 and 2965. She asked for 10. If she wants more, I can look them all up again and send them to her, no problem.

So say again how the Republicans do nothing. I really beg to differ.

Lori Felts


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