Clarification on health care comments

June 24, 2014 

I'm compelled to respond to some remarks by a BND letters "regular" regarding my recent letter. First, he claimed it endorsed single-payer health care, which was inaccurate. What I wrote was, "Many would prefer a single-payer solution, or expansion of Medi-care." The point being that some oppose the Affordable Care Act because they think its reforms didn't go far enough.

He also said I presented "no proof" people will die in states that rejected Medicaid expansion. Well, 250 words don't afford much space for references, but dozens of studies and news articles are available, including industry publications like Health Affairs, Insurance News and Healthcare magazine, all indicating thousands will die because Medicaid wasn't expanded in 25 Republican-led states.

A few weeks before, this same writer even referenced me in his ranting about a letter actually from Gene Robke. No insult taken there. Robke's letters are among the most accurate and well-stated in this forum.

Apparently I touched a nerve with this writer, maybe because I called out the hypocrisy of someone complaining that nationalized health care equates to communism while his own health coverage is provided courtesy of that evil old U.S. government.

His and other letters are typical of today's far-wrong, heavy on the attacks and accusations and light on substance or fact. I'd suggest next time he actually read the letters he plans to denounce, and maybe do a little homework, before recklessly, inaccurately and embarrassingly spouting off.

Kevin J. Gagen


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