2014 BND 3A-4A Baseball All-Area Team

News-DemocratJune 24, 2014 

2014 Belleville News-Democrat

Large School (Class 3A-4A)

Baseball All-Area Team

Player of the Year

Blake Deatherage, O'Fallon, sr.

Coach of the Year

Don Eddy, Mascoutah

First Team

Pitcher: Ryan Netemeyer, Mascoutah, sr.

Pitcher: Tanner Houck, Collinsville, sr.

Pitcher: Alex Meyers, Edwardsville, sr.

Pitcher: Bryan Hudson, Alton, jr.

Catcher: Chad Spanberger, Granite City, sr.

1B: Collin Renth, Mascoutah, sr.

2B: Jansen Helmkamp, Civic Memorial, sr.

SS: Kevin Horner, Belleville East, sr.

3B: Aaron Jackson, Edwardsville, jr.

OF: Jeff Hahs, O'Fallon, sr.

OF: Bradley Harrison, O'Fallon, so.

OF: Joe Duncan, Highland, sr.

OF: Austin Werner, Edwardsville, sr.

DH: Jake Garella, Edwardsville, so.

Utility: Connor Holton, O'Fallon, sr.

Second Team

Pitcher: Parker Beine, Belleville West, sr.

Pitcher: Daniel Lloyd, Edwardsville, jr.

Pitcher: Austin Buzick, Granite City, sr.

Pitcher: Austin Nunnery, Waterloo, sr.

Catcher: Brock Weimer, Edwardsville, jr.

1B: Bruce Drennan, Granite City, jr.

1B: Bradley Snyder, O'Fallon, so.

2B: Collin Holton, O'Fallon, sr.

2B: Quinten Spivey, Columbia, sr.

SS: Ryan Netemeyer, Mascoutah, sr.

3B: Alex Oltmann, Mascoutah, sr.

3B: Kyle VanBevern, O'Fallon, sr.

OF: D.J. Miller, Granite City, jr.

OF: Grant Geppert, Highland, jr.

OF: Bryan Hudson, Alton, jr.

OF: Matt Mersinger, Triad, sr.

DH: Spencer Piquard, Belleville West, sr.

Utility: Matt Klosterman, Belleville West, jr.

Utility: Brady Schanuel, Belleville East, jr.

Honorable Mention


Josh Fleming, Columbia; Grant Geppert, Highland; Bradley Harrison, O'Fallon; Tyler Hebel, Waterloo; Noah Kraljev, Mascoutah; Matt Hopkins, Alton; Jordan Hovey, Edwardsville; Aaron Jackson, Edwardsville; Tyler Kimmle, Highland; Alex Oltmann, Mascoutah; Kyle Reeves, Collinsville; Jeremy Rettig, Waterloo; Brendan Saak, Belleville West; Brady Schanuel, Belleville East; Zach Skaer, Belleville West


Jonny Albers, Waterloo; Cory Howard, Civic Memorial; Drew Millas, Belleville East; Nick Paulda, Alton; Nick Rosenthal, Triad; K.J. Spisak, Columbia; Austin Waugh, Mascoutah; Jacob Wilson, Belleville West

First Base

Tanner Houck, Collinsville; Zach Schaab, Waterloo; Ben Walker, Civic Memorial

Second Base

Jacob Fisher, Edwardsville; Jacob Pratt, Mascoutah; Mitch Reising, Collinsville


Grant Bauer, Collinsville; Cody Bentlage, Highland; Clint Cress, Alton; Jordan Hovey, Edwardsville; Dalton Johnson, Triad; Matt Klosterman, Belleville West; Zach Mathews, Columbia; Connor Melton, Civic Memorial

Third Base

Nick Balkenbusch, Highland; Brady Schanuel, Belleville East; Camren Shewfelt, Columbia; Ryan Steen, Granite City


Ryan Aycock, Waterloo; Domonic Blaylock, Belleville East; Parker Hendricks, Belleville East; D.J. Miller, Granite City; Aaron Peskar, Collinsville; Fahd Shakeel, Edwardsville


Chase Barnes, Mascoutah; Parker Beine, Belleville West; Aaron Bonnell, Alton; Dean Gerros, O'Fallon; Reid Hoffmann, Waterloo; Zach Klaustermeier, Civic Memorial; Chris Klostermann, Highland

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