Don't add fuel to Obama fire

June 25, 2014 

On Nov. 4, President Obama hopes to win the final election battle of his term and gain the handful of congressional votes he needs to dismantle the Second Amendment during his last two years in office.

On Nov. 4, every victory we've ever won will be on the line. Every freedom we cherish will be at stake. Every gun we own will be at risk.

In the construction trades there are contractors who build quality projects that strengthen and enhance our future and we have contractors who destroy, knock down and scrap what we have built. In government we have the builders and the scrappers. Obama and his administration are in the scrapping class and are very professional and proficient at it.

All the party-voting Democrats, history makers, people who are easily fooled and talked into things and anyone else who made the terrible mistake of voting for Obama have a chance now to correct their mistake and vote against all of Obama's "yes" people and cronies. We have to interfere and disrupt Obama's agenda of a runaway train of destruction. The narcissist in the White House doesn't care about us. Don't give Obama anymore fuel to run over us. The 2014 election really, really matters.

Terry Hunt


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