Aldi withdraws rezoning request in Belleville

News-DemocratJune 26, 2014 


Grocery chain Aldi has pulled its Belleville rezoning request.

Belleville's director of economic development and zoning, Emily Fultz, said Aldi had contacted her office Wednesday night asking to withdraw its request for rezoning at the southeast corner of West Main Street and Frank Scott Parkway. The city's zoning board was scheduled to discuss the matter Thursday night.

Fultz said she has received several calls from city residents about the proposed development after it was reported earlier this week. The grocer had initially approached the city about building at the site, located across the street from Althoff High School and where houses are currently located.

Although Aldi is pulling its request, the grocer is not pulling away from Belleville. According to Aldi O'Fallon Division vice president Rob Jeffries, the grocer is interested in other potential locations in Belleville.

"The location at West Main Street and Frank Scott Parkway is one of several locations that Aldi has considered for the Belleville community," Jeffries said.

"At Aldi, we want to be conveniently based where Aldi shoppers are located," Jeffries said. "In choosing future store locations, we look at several variables, including population density, proximity to competition, cost of the property and traffic patterns. We are currently evaluating locations in the Belleville community for a potential store in the future."

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