U.S. doesn't leave servicemen behind

June 26, 2014 

The Republican contributors to this forum are up in arms (as usually they are if President Obama does anything) because Obama brought back a United States serviceman who had been in the hands of the Taliban and traded him for the "five most dangerous terrorists" in the world.

They want the serviceman punished for desertion and are disgusted with the president.

Bowe Bergdahl will be questioned and the truth will come out and he will be tried if guilty of any misdeed and hopefully treated for any condition he has (including PTSD). But we don't leave any U. S. serviceman behind.

As far as the five dangerous terrorists go, we couldn't kill them while they were being held in Guantanamo. Obama just gave them a little head start. If they choose to be terrorists, they won't be able to hide from our drones for very long.

Michael Ray Dillier


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