ESL residents, join the fight against crime

June 28, 2014 

We are now in summertime and we all know that crime rises with temperatures in impoverished communities.

We have the police commission to help get our police departments moving in the right direction, but what about residents? The lack of involvement by residents in fighting crime has to improve.

Residents, we must take back our streets and communicate with the police. They are not the enemy.

Impoverished communities don't have to be like war zones.

We keep saying we want jobs, but where is the skilled workforce that could attract jobs here? What is the city doing to create a great atmosphere for developers to come in and create positive and long-lasting development?

Yes, we need housing, but with the current tax rate of 16.6 percent on 33.3 percent value, how can we attract homebuyers? We are in dire straits and we must either change leadership or demand that they listen to the voters and taxpayers and not treat them as if they don't exist until election time. Or just become part of unincorporated St. Clair County.

Wake up, East St. Louis, now.

Percy Harris

East St. Louis

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