Seven miles is far too long

June 28, 2014 

I think it is wrong of St. Elizabeth's Hospital to close the Belle-ville location when they move to O'Fallon. (Do hospital leaders really think Scott Air Force Base personnel will go there if they are closer?)

Memorial Hospital built a second building in Shiloh and they are not closing their Belleville building.

Traffic on Frank Scott Parkway and Greenmount (the roads we Belleville people would have to use) is heavier for those of us who go to St. E's in Belleville. Traveling time for those seven additional miles is going to take far longer than "just" seven miles.

It took me 15 minutes last year when I was driven to St. E's with an emergency. If I had to go to O'Fallon, it would be a 40-minute ride. Heaven help us Belleville patients having an emergency.

And think about how this area will suffer. Business at the stores on Greenmount/Frank Scott Parkway always will be great, but poor downtown Belleville businesses won't be able to survive with the loss of customers (visitors to the hospital, patients, etc.)

My doctors are all affiliated with St. E's. Am I going to have to change doctors so in case of another emergency I can go to Memorial?

It makes more sense to have both locations available. If St. E's can afford to spend millions for O'Fallon property, it can afford to work out a deal allowing it to have full services available here, too.

Sharron A. Lindsey


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