Illinois voters won't get a say

June 30, 2014 

Let me see if I have the facts straight. Illinois voters will not have the opportunity to decide on lawmaker term limits or a new political redistricting process. Cook County Circuit Court Judge Mary Mikva decided the measures didn't meet constitutional requirements and ruled them invalid.

Oh, by the way, her daddy was a former federal judge and former Democratic congressman. The attorney filing the lawsuit to block the two measures is well-known elections attorney Michael Kasper. Coincidentally, Kasper has represented top Democrats, including House Speaker Mike Madigan. A footnote here: Madigan is the longest serving House speaker nationwide, spanning nearly three decades. Wait for it: He also adamantly opposes term limits.

No shock to anyone, neither side objected to the judge presiding in the case. You might ask why not? Attorneys said they'd have difficulty finding a Cook County courtroom without such connections.

Chicago has long been known as a cesspool of political corruption. The blatant arrogance of the politicians running the city and this state is appalling. They have effectively snubbed the citizens of this great state. They are dictatorial.

I would hope that the voters in Illinois would be outraged by this lack of respect. We can still enact term limits for this election cycle. We must show up in record numbers and vote out the majority party. Let's show them that we have had enough of their tyranny.

Please take your voting rights seriously. Show up and vote for a brighter future for Illinois.

Randy Leffler


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