Troy should not join consortium

July 2, 2014 

Dear Editor,

To the city of Troy: Don’t join this consortium with Glen Carbon and others. It will cost you more than it will ever be worth. You can do much better on your own. You can only cut a pie so much. All commercials or industrial entities depend on population of a given are to survive.

Do the math. It takes a given number of families to support a given number of businesses. There isn’t enough population in the area to support any more commercial businesses. St. Clair and Madison counties have both lost population, and with the economic state of Illinois, it’s not going to change any time soon.

If you really want to better things, the first thing is to stop spending more tax dollars on incentives and fix your budget. My grandson said it best: “You take $20 in, you only spend part of it, never all of it.”

What we all need to do is to start a consortium that will work for both business and families, that will change the way we do taxes. Today, our tax systems are disproportionate to taxpayers.

Most cities seem to do what they call creative taxes. Let’s really get creative:

1. Take the schools off property taxes, create a dedicated flat income tax for half of the tax needed to replace what property tax paid. Create a dedicated sales tax to cover the rest of what property taxes paid to schools.

2. Dissolve all townships and roads, we don’t need them.

3. Change the use of TIFs from their present form, dedicated to be used for infrastructure, roads and bridges and to eliminate the highlighted areas within our cities and counties.

If we did this, we would be giving an incentive to all businesses, commercial or industrial and families, at no additional cost to tax payers.

The prevailing wage ordinance: This ordinance is required to adopt and maintain the Illinois Department of Labor’s prevailing wage rate, which is indirectly tied to the federal prevailing wage law of 1931, the Davis and Beacon Act. This act means that any tax dollars for construction of buildings, roads, bridges and others, by the federal government or agency of, must pay the highest prevailing wage regardless of any local labor union scale that might lower. This all makes our roads, bridges, public buildings, schools and any and all construction by any public entities, get less for their buck.

James Saffel Sr.

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