Don't revise history on Iraq war

July 3, 2014 

BND letter writer Kris Rhines seems to have forgotten a number of cogent items when indicting President Bush for the problems in Iraq.

* Most of the free world believed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction since he used them against his own people.

* Congress, including Hillary Clinton, approved the decision to go into Iraq.

* A number of European countries also participated in the Iraq war.

* When Bush left office, Iraq was a stable country.

President Obama said his decision to pull all the troops out of Iraq was because he could not get a status of forces agreement with the Iraq government. What a flimsy excuse. After World War II we kept troops in Germany, Italy and Japan. They are still there. If Obama really wanted to keep troops in Iraq, he could have threatened to cut off all aid unless they agreed.

Based on Rhines' concepts, we should never have gone to war with Germany in 1941. Germany was a stable country and no threat to us. They were killing millions of Jews, but not our problem. Obama removed the troops from Iraq to satisfy his liberal buddies regardless of the consequences and we now have the results of yet another ill-conceived action.

Rhines wants you to believe that going into Iraq was the worst decision ever made. The worst action ever taken by this country was electing Barack Hussein Obama president. We will never, ever recover from the disastrous things he has done.

Leon Anderson


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