Still not ready to go green

July 3, 2014 

I took some time to contemplate our energy policies. We are good at developing systems to create energy. What we are not good at is developing a way to store energy. We are still in the 20th century on that technology.

Our energy policy in the United States is centered more on politics and lobbyists than it is on the cost-efficient creation of energy.

Some technologies are incompatible. We are trying to put in use two technologies that will never, ever be capable of providing a sustained level of production. We are attempting to give these fluctuating producers -- wind and solar -- a higher priority over coal and gas producers, which are most cost-effective when they are allowed to operate at maximum production.

I believe that we should not spend one more dime on developing wind and solar energy creation. We have developed those technologies beyond their usefulness. Until we have developed the energy storage devices necessary to allow solar and wind to be incorporated into a system which can produce at a sustainable level of production we must depend on the technologies we have already developed and paid for which can produce at a sustained level.

Because coal, gas and nuclear energy creating facilities were not designed to operate in a start-stop manner, we are actually increasing the cost of the energy we produce and not decreasing it by attempting to utilize the so-called green energy technologies prematurely.

Green energy isn't wrong; its premature use is.

Brad Sewell


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