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Story and Photos Kathleen Kaiser - Contributing WriterJuly 4, 2014 

As we go through life, we embark upon careers that we hope are going to make us happy and successful all at the same time. We also know that, although change isn’t always easy, sometimes we must take that leap of faith, and know that what we are about to embark upon is something extra special. The paths of two very talented local women - Lisa Constance and Lori Dowd – took this leap of faith two years ago and have never looked back. Lisa grew up in Belleville, and headed to SWIC, where she decided to take an advanced speech class. What she didn’t know is that this particular class actually taught television production as part of the curriculum, and to her amazement, she was hooked. Loving this medium of communication, she continued her degree in Mass Communications at SIUE, interned at KPLR NEWS 11, and then quickly advanced to becoming their Edit Supervisor. After marrying her husband Jeff, who decided he wanted to move to New York, Lisa began to work on shows for MTV, and In Person with Maureen O’Boyle before landing a position with ABC News. The Constance’s wanted to move a little bit closer to home, so Lisa landed a position with the ABC NEWS Chicago Bureau, and then moved on to produce corporate videos for corporate giants TWA (now American Airlines) and Bank Of America.

While Lisa was learning the ropes in the News broadcast and corporate video world, Lori had already completed her degree in Film and Video from the University of Michigan and had secured a position at the ABC affiliate station in the Detroit market. Loving the production part of the industry, Lori moved onto producing long format shows for PBS, The History Channel and Lifetime Networks. Lori then headed into production at Avatar Studios for 5 years, which is where she and Lisa’s paths eventually crossed.

“You know when you meet someone who is so creative and knowledgeable about what they do, you know that you need to get to know this person?” That is exactly how Lisa and Lori felt when they met on a project for the Ford Motor Company. A few years passed, and as their paths continued to cross, they formed a friendship and knew that each of them was equally talented in their respective areas of video production. More importantly, they both knew that if they ever had the opportunity to branch out and to form their own company, their partnership could bring to life content to increase branding for companies locally, nationally and even across the globe - in a way that hadn’t been done before - and alas, StoryTrack was born!

Two years later - their initial goal of creating a company built with individuals who love what they do, and enjoy being a part of the team has been realized, as they now have two locations - one in Clayton, MO, and one in Chicago, IL - and have garnered numerous awards from an Emmy award to numerous Telly’s for their work on video projects for companies in Architectural Visualization, Real Estate Marketing, Healthcare and their incredible work for numerous non-profit agencies, bringing to life these organization’s mission and goals.

As StoryTrack continues to grow though new development of ideas to enhance their client’s access to the digital world in which we live, and the continued growth of their creative teams, Lori and Lisa have found that their lives are evolving to where they want them to be too - right on track! As scary as opening your own business can be, having the ability to change the lives of their clients through a streamlined approach to media application, production and distribution of video content, along with achieving what most women strive for - a work/life balance - has all been worth the risks they have had to take.

Both women agreed “We always want our lives to be fulfilling and to enjoy what we do. If you are passionate and love what you do, then make the most of the talents you have and go for whatever makes you happy! Having this opportunity to change people’s lives every day is incredible, and being able to use our expertise to tell our clients stories, is exactly what we set out to do! But just like in every relationship in life, our working relationship has its good days and a few not so good days. We learn to give and take, to grow in our knowledge of what each of us does, and to embrace our successes and our abilities to continue to grow and evolve in what we do and what we bring to this company. The best part of embarking on this business together is to know that there was another woman along the way, striving for the same exact goal, which makes it all worth it when the day is through.”

So what does the future hold for these creative women who are changing the visual world of media one client and one video at a time? Well if the past is any indication, they will be telling compelling stories, and changing our world for the better, for many years into the future. For more information about StoryTrack, please visit

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