Disney Can Prepare You For Real Life

July 4, 2014 

Ah, Frozen. The Disney movie loved by children everywhere. In the entire world. It’s inescapable. At least in my household anyway. After Bella had watched the movie several times, she felt the need to look up the video of “Let it Go” with the words. To memorize it. Now she sings EVERY WORD during bath time. Multiple times.

And it isn’t a bad song, although my personal favorite from the movie is “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” If you haven’t seen any of the parodies, spend a few minutes on You Tube. I love the one with the mom who looks at her housework then belts out “Let it Go” and the school teacher saying goodbye to her class for the summer is entertaining as well.

A friend of mine and her daughter were listening to Frozen on the way to school one morning. They had a discussion about Prince Hans who seemed so wonderful in the beginning and then he turned into a horrible, terrible person who tried to ruin her life. The young girl asked if her mom could believe someone could be like that. The mom said “Don’t worry. I gave her the Disney answer.”

After thinking about that for a moment, I have to believe the Disney answer is often the cold hard truth. They’ll show you Bambi losing his mom, an evil queen out to get a princess, an evil uncle trying to kill his lion king brother and yes, even an evil step-mother (but don’t believe everything in the movies -- many step moms are awesome!). We were scared or sad watching these movies as kids, but they must have, even if it was subliminal, prepared us for real life. Sometimes bad stuff happens. There are some bad people out there.

And after all these years, Disney finally gives our girls and young women the right message. You don’t need a man to save you. I discussed this one evening with a couple of men and they did not get that at all. They flat out told me that was not the moral of the story. Watch it again guys. But the girls will get it.

And even after hearing “Let it Go” a million times, for that, I say, Thanks Disney.

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