Great for what they didn't do

July 5, 2014 

In response to BND letter writer Frankie "Everything is swell in Centreville" Seaberry, here are the accomplishments of the congressional Republicans:

They did not destroy 23,000 emails and the hard drive of Lois Lerner's IRS computer, despite her being under active investigation. They did not promise people that they could keep their doctor and that they could keep their health care plan, which turned out to be false. They did not fail in their promise to make the VA hospital system better. They did not release a marginal soldier for five known dangerous terrorists. They did not run guns into Mexico where one was used to kill a U.S. special agent and more than 200 Mexican nationals. They did not play golf while Libya, Syria and now Iraq is on fire and claimed they were unaware as Vladimir Putin's rebels took over Crimea and are poised to capture parts of the Ukraine. They did not listen in to millions of phone calls and capture e-mails including those of allied leaders.

Finally, if they don't do another thing all year such as raising taxes, passing new restrictive laws or making life more miserable for most of us, then that to me is an accomplishment. Finally, I wonder if she is pleased with $3.85 a gallon gas?

Phil Henning


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