Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

July 6, 2014 

Recent real estate transacations for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 703 S. Jackson St.; from Fannie Mae; to Ryan Lahaie; $30,100 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 423 Lebanon Ave.; from Garrett G. Peek and Keri M. Peek; to Jeremy Crews; $112,000.

* 5 Iowa Ave.; from Walter Sanders; to Ryan W. Hemmerle; $68,000.

* 254 Wingate Blvd.; from TTW LLC; to Michael Gafford and Shelia Gafford; $208,000.

* 104 Sonoma Way; from Heartland Home Builders Inc.; to Kevin Janasik and Peggy Gramates; $296,500.

* 709 Vicksburg Drive; from Christopher Hairston and D'Auna Hairston; to The Charles R. Death Living Trust; $70,000.

* 3009 Cedarbrook Drive; from Scott D. Palen and Sarah F. Palen; to Cheryl Lanke Revocable Trust; $200,000.

* 11 Sandpiper Drive; from Anthony Peach; to National Residential; $475,000.

* 2605 Commons Parkway; from Matthew Vann and Sara Vann; to Randall Vickery and Bernadette Vickery; $210,000.

* 101 Lynnhaven Drive; from Susan L. Dewolf; to Kenneth Melson and Jane Melton; $25,000.

* 6010 Town Hall Road; from Dennis P. Laughlin and Kay M. Laughlin; to Douglas Lopinot and April Lopinot; $227,500.

* 14 Wilshire Court, from Raymond Geller; to Kendrick Thomas and Chandra S. Thomas; to $110,000.

* 7421 W. Main St.; from Derek A. Bobka and Theresa Sommers; to Aaron Hall; $86,500.

* 5909 Wilson Drive; from Michael Cooper and Angela Cooper; to Julia D. Williams; $78,000.

* 9833 Baltimore St.; from West End Redevelopment Corp.; to Brianah L. Billups; $48,000.

* 30 Fourscore Drive; from David Weber; to Robert Sims and Donna Sims; $80,000.

* 1632 Whitlow Drive; from Michael R. Lobstein Jr.; to Felicia K. Steele; $132,000.

* 2186 Southern Oak Circle; from Bryan J. Dohlman and Christa K. Bauer; to Stacy Robben; $194,500.


* 2320 Carol St.; from David M. Traiteur; to Clifford D. Schmid and Angela Schmid; $30,000.


* 902 Lunceford Road; from David J. Carrico and Jennifer L. Carrico; to Robert J. Soncasie; $75,000.


* 6000 Old Missouri Ave.; from Jessie S. Bridges by Umphy Lee Smith, POA; to Terence Charles and Latisha N. Charles; $11,000.


* 600 Wild Horse Creek Drive; from Cole Wolf and Brittany Wolf; to Mei Yun Zheng; $203,000.

* 11 Brown Drive; from Stephen D. Huckabee and Phyllis J. Huckabee; to Shane Huckabee and Debra Huckabee; $89,500.

* 2932 Harvest Meadow Drive; from Matthew S. Noble and Lindsay R. Noble; to Christopher T. Dowell and Lana M. Dowell; $167,500.

* 209 Vale Drive; from Edward FRawley Sr, and Edward Frawley Jr.; to Alexander Novy; $88,000.

* 12 Concord Drive; from Aaron Woodside; to Robert Alexander and Kathryn Alexander; $87,000.

* 6904 Lawlen Court; from Champaign Investment LLC; to Zi Wang; $158,000.


* 26 S. Main St.; from Sharon Schott; to Ronald Pitts; $10,000.


* 412 W. South St.; from William C. Weiser and Erin E. Norman Weiser; to Christopher A. Vann; $108,000.


* 615 W. Elm St.; from Colin L. Baltz and Thea M. Jestes; to Leah Barbeau; $70,000.


* 21 Brandonwood Drive; from Ryan A. Craig and Sara H.B. Craig; to Samuel E. Murray and Katherine J. Murray; $195,000.

* 7049 Millbrook Lane; from Bradley Hershberger and Fiona Hershberger; to Oscar A. Garcia; $230,000.

* 307 Colleen Drive; from Alan Leatherwood and Darlene Leatherwood; to Kevin P. Wright and Crystal Wright; $145,000.

*940 Brookdale Court; from Tedd O. McIntyre and Marie S. McIntyre; to Jonathan M. Harter and Lisa A. Harter; $200,000.

* 518 Mulberry Lane; from Phillip Surrey and Sarah Surrey; to Brandon L. Runyon and Jennifer L. Zeola; $141,500.


* 5534 South Woods Manor Drive; from Bobby L. Jackson, Stella Jackson, Lauren R. Anderson; to Travis Murphy; $170,000.


* 509 Westwick Court; from Ronald B. Ziegler and Rachel M. Ziegler; to Clay D. Tyson and Amanda Tyson; $189,000.



* 2304 Morning Star Drive; from Terry McNealy, Lori A. Ralph, Aaron Ralph, Marcy L. Ralph; to Joshua L. Crane; $62,500.

* 1700 Liberty St.; from Mary M. Anderson and David L. Anderson; to John J. Kilpatrick; $272,000.

* 3605 Horn Ave.; from Christopher W. Summers and Wendy M. Summers; to Samuel P. Fleming; $77,000.


* 825 Sequoia Drive; from Randall L. Miles; to Nathan Grimm, Rebecca Grimm, Rebecca Snow Grimm; $140,000.


* 218 Wing Ave.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Sarah Weiss and Judith Weiss; $35,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 415 N. Aurora St.; from Christy A. White and Daniel R. White; to Myranda Gravitt and Daniel J. Gravitt; $58,000.


* 1514 Madison Ave.; from Scott A. Fitzgerald and Sharon A. Fitzgerald; to Allison C. Sutton; $110,000.

* 103 Pleasant Ridge Drive; from Linsa Stivany and Hal S. Klinger; to Stephen K. Ellsworth and Janet Ellsworth; $289,500.

* 7013 Remington Court; from Jeffrey B. Stewart and Julie J. Stewart; to Mark McAninich and Rhonda McAninich; $259,000.

* 7566 Jerusalem Road; from Sherry R. Nelson and Robert J. Nelson; to Frank Grasso and Jenny Grasso; $369,000.

* 3317 Karros Court; from Frank Grasso and Jenny Grasso; to James D. Riggs and Kathleen R. Riggs; $440,000.

* 5221 Millennium Court; from Kevin M. Hubbard and Anna C. Hubbard; to Thomas M. Mehelic and Lyndsie P. Mehelci; $280,000.


* 205 Sierra Pointe; from Vincent R. Patterozzi and Maria L. Patterozzi; to Brian A. Rappold and Emily Rappold; $280,000.

* 6545 Athena Drive; from Marla L. Maag; to James F. Bowden and Carolyn A. Bowden; $211,500.

* 305 Aberdeen Drive; from York Sons LLC; to Thomas Brooke Properties LLC; $40,000.

* 66 S. Meadow Lane; from Ribbon Cutter Inc.; to Michael Parrett; $131,000.

* 205 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Hunziker Homes Inc.; to Brian Sneed and Lisa Leonard; $338,500.


* 7 Blue Spruce Court; from First Community Credit Union; to Rickey L. Singleton and Debra J. Singleton; $92,000.

* 2608 Center St.; from Ryan M. Hunter and Kellie M. Hunter; to Christopher M. Williams; $78,000.

* 633 Erica Drive; from John A. Renner and Jennifer S. Renner; to DAvid W. Foreshee; $187,000.

* 4923 Driftwood Drive; from Kyle Parker and Emily Parker; to Randy Christy and Kelly Christy; $158,000.

* 105 Kinder Lane; from Fannie Mae; to Kevin Arnold and Marcella Arnold; $65,000.

* 3707 Justine Drive; from Thomas Mercer and Rebecca Mercer; to David M. Williams; $121,000.


* 58 Lexington Lane; from Eric G. Holloway; to Ethan Engerski and Lauren Fairchild; $125,000.

* 1250 Radcliffe Drive; from Gary W. Pugh and Michelle M. Pugh; to Wiley D. Bradford and Brittany Bradford; $161,000.

* 2740 Pine View Drive; from Highland School District Foundation; to Chad A. Henningfeld; $185,725 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 150 Sunflower Drive; from JPMorgan Chase Bank; to Ideal Properties LLC; $65,000.

* 160 Sunray Drive; from Beneficial Financial Inc.; to Nicholas H. Mintert; $100,000.

* 4603 Hill Road; from Brent A. Frey and Amy Frey; to James Beiersdorff and Susan M. Beiersdorf; $265,000.

* 50 Sunfish Drive; from Mark Geppert and Mary Beth Geppert; to Steven N. Glockner and Ashley D. Donnelly; $133,000.


* 6658 Renken Road; from David H. Bauer and Claire A. Bauer; to Kenny Klenke and Cindy Klenke; $215,000.


* 101 W. Main St.; from Duane Gilomen an dDiana L. Gilomen; to Raymond E. Smith and Maria M. Smith; $117,500.


* 400 Bowers Road; from Lois C. Butler and Debra L. Wagner; to Timothy E. Grant and Kelly L. Grant; $206,000.

* 8406 Hilltop Drive; from Danny J. Wilber and Debra L. Wilber; to John M. Zimmer and Holly L. Zimmer; $173,500.

* 109 Sunnybrooke; from Steven E. Hickey and Kristine L. Hickey; to Paul Smith and Natascha Smith; $206,000.

* 528 Nottingham Drive; from Taylor Reed and David Janus; to Shawn M. Bland and Sarah M. Bland; $167,000.


* 176 Ash St.; from Jonathan R. Brown and Jayme Karenko; to Andrea Parrish; $127,500.

* 517 E. Ferguson Ave.; from Mark S. Adams, Diane D. Adams, James A. Velloff, Christine R. Velloff, Adams Velloff Properties; to Casey R. Baysen; $120,000.

* 440 Illinois Ave.; from Lewis Clark Habitat for Humanity; to Jamie Lea tomlanovich; $50,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.



* 1620 Daleview St.; from Mary R. Distler and David A. Distler; to Rebecca V. Ritter; $142,000.

* 808 N. Metter Ave.; from Shawn Williamson; to Patricia Hanewinkel and Ronald Hanewinkel; $113,500.

* 260 Bradington Drive; from Payen Family Revocable Joint Trust; to Samuel T. Paschke; $187,000.

* 120 E. Crestview Drive; from Barbara F. Brown and Donald E. Brown Jr.; to Adam G. Woehlke and Christian L. Woehlke; $154,000.

* 628 Lakefield Drive; from Kevin S. Heller and Laura L. Heller; to Amber L. O'Donnell and Neal T. O'Donnell; $278,500.


* 333 W. Woodland Ridge; from Jeffrey P. Broadway and Laura D. Broadway; to Craig M. Fisher and Nicole S. Fisher; $310,000.


* 303 W. Fourth St.; from David J. Zimmermann and Suzanne I. Zimmermann; to Colby P. Crook and Kristina M. Crook; $92,000.

* 2 Arrowhead Court; from Betty A. Griffin, Michael T. Griffin, Deceased; to Christopher L.Survillo and Melissa M. Survillo; $250,000.

* 208 Heck Drive; from Angela A. Steawrt; to Keith G. Secrest and Nicole K. Secrest; $327,750.

* 430 Paul Drive; from Jeanne D. Laur and Steven W. Laur; to Erika R. Shively and Matthew J. Shively; $185,000.

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