Liberals lose out to high court

July 6, 2014 

Last week was a confusing and disappointing time for liberals. They are disappointed because the Supreme Court failed to force Christian businesses to pay for the medications their female employees would use to terminate their unborn children.

The rallying cry of the liberal is that old white men are forcing women to obey a set of rules that, in the end, cost the women money and deny those women their basic rights to control their fate and the fate of their children. Much disappointment in the land of the liberal.

Liberals are also disappointed in the Supreme Court for failing to force other women to obey the rules set by old white men that would require the women to pay union dues for the privilege of caring for their own children. These rules set up by those old men will, of course, cost the women money and deny women their basic rights to control their fate and the fate of their children. But the liberals believe that those old men know what is best for the women when it comes to what they do with their money and family. Liberals also believe it will be money well spent since most of the union dues collected will go toward political change -- change that liberals believe is needed to ensure that old white men can no longer tell women what to do. Much confusion in the land of the liberal.

Conservatives, however, are neither disappointed nor confused by either decision.

Edward Tourigny


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